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Real Tan Oil by Ritual | Part 1: A Brief Intro

What annoys me about purchasing tanning oil is you hardly ever, or more often never, get through a whole bottle.  Really…now.  The idea also of having chemical concoctions tamper with my personal pigment kinda sorta scares me.  When I hopped over to the Collective (Malugay St., Makati) for a Wabi-Sabi noodle fix I made a quick run by Ritual and picked this organic gem up.



Made of organic oils of coffee, carrot, and coconut (plus Vitamin E) just the idea of this tanning oil floats my boat.  I smelt it from the bottle and I knew considering Ritual’s ethical view on beauty that it wouldn’t be artificially scented, it smelt a bit foodie but didn’t stink at all in my opinion, the coffee helps neutralize it. My only con so far is the rubber bottle plug is difficult to put back in once opened. I plan to replace it with a cork later on. I will review the results of using this tanning oil after the next few days. There’s a bigger bottle but this smaller one cost about…Php495+ you can find the Ritual Boutique on Facebook and here’s the map showing how to get to the Collective in Makati.


Ritual at The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., Makati City, 1203

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