Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick, PK303 Pink Mesa

There’s a tidal wave of automatic lipstick crayons surging through the beauty blogosphere at the moment, all but one are spin-offs (come on, we know that).  I’d like to own a nice sturdy, fat lipstick crayon someday just to see…but, sometimes still…well, I don’t know.  To me there’s something still immensely chic, iconic, and quite grown-up (never old) about classic, creamy lipstick in a bullet and I can’t seem to get enough nude mauve shades on board.



“Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick, created by Dick Page for Shiseido, fuses powerful skincare with cutting-edge color technologies to create the ultimate lipstick. You will fall in love with the clear, true color and rich, full-looking finish that make these luscious shades unique.  Driven by the advanced technology of Dual Optimizing Powder, Ultra-Fine Satin Smooth Pearl, and Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, each radiant shade gives lips lustrous, all-day moisture and a protective veil that actually improves texture.”


Think of a beige that’s been spiked with a rose undertone and that’s what you have with PK303 or Pink Mesa, which costs between Php1100-1250 locally (I’ll clear up pricing with them).  Shiseido’s Perfect Rouge lipstick in PK303 or Pink Mesa is an absolutely wearable nude mauve.  It might not be the most exciting color ever, but it’s elegant and no one will ever debate with me to question how wearable it is, because it is super wearable.  It’s a keeper and a Shiseido lipstick case as sleek as this just amps up any evening bag or purse on you.   I’m guessing Perfect Rouge is kind of like the Shiseido counterpart to the Dior Addict lipstick range.  The lipstick, even with a moist feel, doesn’t migrate outside the lip edge too easily.  It won’t make a mess  if you eat or drink, but you will need to top up afterwards.  You get rich, medium to full intensity pigment in a classic, creamy, moist texture which softly highlights the lips without glossing them over.  I’m guessing that in Western countries, where the climate is loads less humid or quite dry, you’d probably get exquisite adherence and more longevity out of this without losing softness.


I chose this after the Shiseido Workshop I did (which I will blog about soon).  This shade PK303 I think would suit skin shades from a MAC NC30 down to an medium NC40 at most.  Just a note, in real life this shade is just slightly warmer.  I think my screen is playing tricks with me, the lipstick looks a bit cooler here (not by much) but my skintone is correct.  I brightened the scene because it was kind of dark at home earlier.  I spread my L’Oreal Magic Lucent foundation across my lips before lipstick application to counteract the strong deep color of my natural lips (which often interferes with paler lipstick shades) and doing that helped the lipstick shade take more of the limelight.  I used the lipstick straight from the bullet, no lipliner.  Shiseido Perfect Rouge in PK303 Pink Mesa is marked online as a NEW shade.  Check out your local Shiseido Counter or boutique if you’d like to try it on.

*press sample provided by brand for review

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  • Issa

    I love the shade! It’s pretty, though I hope you posted a photo of your whole face too 🙂

  • It’s a stunning colour on you!

    Also, I love your blog and I want to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the versatile bloggers award 😀

  • The shade looks very wearable for everyday 🙂 And I thought that it’s pretty. Definitely will check this out and the T.clerc lippy that you posted!