Maybelline Color Sensational Lasting Lipcolor | Improved Pops of Pigment

Now in the past, to be honest, I was never completely smitten with the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks. The color selection then was somewhat blah because none of the shades I encountered ever seemed to suit my oriental undertone. The shades would look great obviously on someone paler or Caucasian in ethnicity and I didn’t care to buy darker shades just to find something that would suit. It’s nice to know that the Color Sensational lipstick range is at least randomizing the reds up a bit and that Maybelline locally are bringing in a couple more vibrant colors. I was sent these shades to try. The swatches are pretty gorgeous. If you’re having trouble distinguishing between the reds, here’s a primer: Are You Red-dy is the softer, slightly milkier red, Very Cherry is like a non-matte, less cool dupe of MAC Ruby Woo, and the deepest red of all is Red Revival, a good drugstore dupe for MAC Russian Red, a warm earthy rouge.

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

You’ll have to excuse me but the lighting of the shots with the lipstick applied wasn’t very good today…there were passing clouds and the dilemma of shifting sunlight. I balanced the hue out as best I could so that colors appear in their truest form.


I was more impressed with the payoff of the reds than the lighter shades, it’s a nice creamy texture and the pigment is more opaque than the previous formula of Color Sensational as I remember it. I’m not fully convinced though on the improved longevity end…I felt grease. I just wish these shades looked as good on my lips as they do on my arm. It’s a bit too high shine for my personal taste mainly because my lips are massive. I feel this will only last 3-4 hours on me and once I eat it might be a goner. Lipliner is absolutely necessary. I used Nichido lipliners before applying the red shades. Blotting will add staying power.


The problem of transfer wouldn’t be the case if you used this in an air-conditioned environment or a country with a drier climate. It probably stays on better in less humid places like the U.S. or Europe. I prefer a tad more drag where my lips are concerned and less shine. This I think would be really pretty on girls with more petite lips and would certainly bring out that lovely pout. Color Sensational lipsticks are available for Php399 from PCX, Watsons, and leading department stores that carry Maybelline Products nationwide.

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  • Great lip shots! I feel lip swatches really are more convincing than simple skin swatches, especially if they’re done very well. Now I’m reeeeaaalllly tempted to get Coral Crush.

  • I hear you. I used to not like lipsticks because I started off trying out the old maybelline lipstick shades and none of them seem to work for my complexion.

    I’ve given up on maybelline altogether until I passed by their booth and got amazed by how ‘new’ the colors were. Incidentally I was looking for a red lipstick and so I bought Red Revival. Glad to know that it’s a dupe for MAC Russian Red. I wish it was matte… Will just have to make do with smacking my lips with a paper towel to take some of the shine away.

  • For its affordable price, I think it is good enough. The colors are very beautiful and the variety of reds is enough for you to find the one that suits you best. I have tried their products before and I agree, it doesn’t last long but this new line is not greasy and it does shine.

  • Jane

    Thanks for this, I know this is an old post but it was really helpful as I’m searching for a red lipstick for my daughter’s dance recital. You have gorgeous lips!

  • Patricia Sorongon-Yap

    Looking at the peachy scene color. Do you think this would be good for a day lipstick for me?;)