This Happy Hiatus | My Big Three Ohhh!!

The silence around here is deafening isn’t it? Blame it on Europe. I’ll promise you loads of yummy posts in the next few days (not to mention truckloads of pictures) but right now I’m in the UK somewhere in Wales with the Valencianos, my cousins, and it’s my birthday πŸ™‚ I am now thirty, people here could hardly believe it, and our Swiss host in Zurich said it was impossible…but here I am.


I get quite shy when people pull for me or go out of their way to make things happen for me. It’s always so much easier to say “I’m okay, you don’t have to…” but I’m realizing now that it’s sometimes even better to just say “Thank you…I’m so glad you did…” from the bottom of my heart. I feel very spoiled for my age in fact and I think I have God to “blame” for all this.



My lovely beauty inspired Marks & Spencer birthday card given by the Vees…

There are many things I can’t explain, like why I look so young, or know too little, why too many wonderful people love me or why I haven’t reached certain places…but then I hear a still small voice begin to say “You are here and you are Mine because I love you.” and all doubt walks out the back door. My life is awesome thanks to Him and I only hope I can find lots of ways to spread the love. Thank you all for being there for me…what a truly remarkable life this has been so far. We head out to London tomorrow and I can’t wait to be up and about.

Drugstore Delights | Boots Pharmacy, Covent Garden
LUSH Seanik Solid Shampoo Bar
  • Issa

    Happy Birthday Julia! Enjoy your special day! πŸ™‚

  • happy birthday! blessings to you always!

  • Athina

    Happy birthday Julia! May God continue to bless you and you family. Thank you for sharing your life to many because by doing so, you are spreading God’s love and inspire people as well to embrace God’s blessings in their lives. Just keep wearing that bright and youthful smile! All the best!

  • alicia

    glad with you that you were so happy on your birthday but have to say frankly that you are not too young as you always declared. sorry

  • Bea

    Ay, I wasn’t able to greet you on your birthday, but still, belated happy birthday Julia πŸ™‚