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Make Room Bamboo Mirror | Mother’s Day 2013

Just wanted to share with you a Mother’s Day pick and what I did with it πŸ™‚Β  This was more of a side gift for Mom, my main gift was a bag.Β  I spotted this chic bamboo tabletop mirror in the window display of Make Room…I was walking fast and took several steps back.Β  It caught my eye and it just happened to be on sale at 25% off from Php595, so it ended up beig just Php446.00.Β  This isn’t my main gift and I decided to use it creatively to present the more expensive gift. For that purpose in itself the price was okay and I knew this was good because now I want one, too LOL. Prices on mother’s day gifts don’t matter by the way, that’s relative to where we are all at. What matters is you give straight from the heart and give her something you know will brighten her day.



The mirrror comes in a box with 3 parts that are really easy to assemble, the bamboo base, the stainless stem and the mirror with the joint behind it which you screw or twist onto the stem.Β  If you’re wondering about the lipsticks I used to personalize it just for today I used the Maybelline ColorSensational lipsticks I blogged about a few weeks ago…easily wiped off with tissue.


You’ll need a simple screwdriver to attach the base to the stem, I did it myself.Β  I personally think it would have been nicer as an oval or better yet a circle but it still looks great.Β  You can adjust the tilt and rotate it left or right! You may have to spritz the joint with WD40 though to make it move easier. Anyhoo enough material talk for now, it’s time to let our mom indulge in our hugs and kisses plus time, prayer, and attention. I pray God blesses each of your moms and don’t forget to make them feel special not just today but everyday. If you are a Mom, I praise you today…if you feel you aren’t a good one, recognize it but don’t dwell on it, your children don’t just need you deep inside they want you in their lives. Begin today! We’re all works in progress, just don’t wave the WIP flag. God loves you! Have a joyful day!

  • nel

    Aww, sweet, literally wrapped with kisses πŸ™‚

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