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After reading hundreds of blogs, talking to local professionals, and pouring over professional sites about skincare I was steadily becoming a self-righteous “skinnie” (with sensitive skin) believing full well that I probably knew a lot ’til I came across these references and felt like I got my ear twisted. I watched the following two videos (which I will link in of course in the post), firstly about skincare products with the unsinkable Caroline Hirons and secondly a Part 1 ITG cleansing video intimately done with world renowned and accredited facialist Isabelle Bellis. First off, let’s hear some skin principles and recommended products. Please know you shouldn’t be pressured to get THESE exact products just listen to what you need to avoid (although we would get them all if we could in a heartbeat wouldn’t we?) Caroline Hirons, the revered skincare brand expert and editor of the lovingly pushed presents her product picks to Nic and Sam Chapman aka the pro MUA Pixiwoo sisters on their BodyTalkDaily YouTube channel


“Trained in over 100 brands and a globally qualified advanced facialist.
Developed bespoke facials and trained teams internationally for top brands in the UK, USA and Far East. Now working as a Consultant to brands and retailers in the Beauty Industry. Advises brands on the route into market, where they should be selling and why and puts brands into those retailers.” –


For the first time the well known UK makeup duo looked like a couple of very lovely noobs back in skin “school”. Take for instance their being scolded about mineral oil and other nasties in certain products. Did we even know that foaming facial gel cleansers are WORSE for oily and acne peppered skin because they end up alkalining the surface making it a breeding ground for bacteria? Oh gosh, no way did I know! It did suddenly make sense to me that mineral oil is probably permissible in makeup but it shouldn’t be present in cleansing products. Click Read more to proceed to the full article mentioning the main cleansing product Caroline loves and also to get to the videos including Isabelle’s cleansing demonstration.

To watch the full Skincare video with Caroline Hirons and Pixiwoo click here or check the embedded video here.

I was quite taken in by the conversation myself…most especially at the beginning when Caroline presented her favorite cleansing balm of all time (so far), the Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa (Malunggay to us) Cleansing Balm. It feels like a million skin experts and a half are raving about this. It’s one of those non-mainstream products that sends a flock of birds exploding from the trees when you mention the name, so many people now just, gradually since a few years ago, are singing its praises online.

This is an emulsifying facial balm which I SUPER wanted to get in SpaceNK when I was in the UK just last month but was unable to due to itinerary constraints. I’ll live right…it’s just skincare BUT GROANNN it’s moringa that’s why I wanted it! I was dismayed when I found that the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil’s lead base was mineral oil so I stopped repurchasing it over a year ago. I felt this Emma Hardie Balm was the answer to that. It’s something we Filipinas can totally connect to and maybe even reproduce. I love the way Caroline presented what she would pick (if money were no object) but also randomly mentions budget buys that do the same. Now onto the proper way to cleanse as presented by top facialist, Isabelle Bellis.


“French born Epidermologist, MLD and Holistic nutritionist Isabelle Bellis has had very comprehensive and unique experiences in the beauty industry. Miss Bellis has a passion for wellness and a deep understanding of the complexity of the skin. She received professional training in France, Switzerland and Germany acquiring the best treatment techniques with worldโ€“renowned skin biologists and naturopaths. Isabelle had the opportunity and the privilege to meet and train with Joelle Ciocco, a world-renowned biochemist with 35 years of experience in the field of personalized skin care. Joelle Ciocco taught Miss Bellis the Epidermologue Methodยฎ, based on a scientific analysis of the skin which is premised on the fact that everyoneโ€™s skin has its own genetic history, life and oxidative stresses.”

The skincare brand Joelle Ciocco is what Sofia Coppola uses and that’s what got my attention first hand when I first played the video, the lovely cabinet filled with Joelle Ciocco skincare. Here Isabelle charmingly and soft-spokenly demonstrates the simple way to cleanse and it really only involves 3 steps…she doesn’t focus too much on the products and their names, it’s all about the method.




2. CLEANSE, 3. SWIM (circular upward massage)



I like how straightforward and disarming Isabelle is about it, with her charmingly used English and all and I like how uncomplicated it is. To watch the ITG video featuring Isabelle Bellis’ cleansing method click here. It seems ITG has yet to put up a Part 2 video which probably includes her moisturizer and nourish steps following this cleansing regimen. Doesn’t it feel like you’ve just experienced a mental skincare overhaul? Have any of these videos shattered your perceptions on some aspects of skincare? I still think it’s good to consult with your dermatologist before making any drastic changes but it’s safe to say that these two lady skincare powerhouses only offer and recommend the best.

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    Thanks for putting up the video (I’ve also got Caroline Hiron’s blog bookmarked now! XD) Anyway, I’d just like to know what she’s referring to when she talked about gel-type cleansers and foaming washes. Do they include facial washes like Ponds’ or the paste-y things that come in tubes? I’ve got acne-prone skin, and I use one of those (Neutrogena), so that might mean trouble for me >_<