Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (Waterproof) | They Say It’s Infamous, See What I Think

To be honest, Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof, the popular US drugstore mascara, was my very, very first purchase on Ebay 4 years ago. I made the mistake of purchasing the BIG washable variant, that one really wouldn’t stay on the whole day but prior to that first purchase I had already tried a tube of the waterproof one and that worked well for me. The thing is, the waterproof variant holds curl exceedingly well. Here it is in updated packaging with the white “Waterproof” stamp near the bottom.



I happen to think that what turns people off is the screwy wand which doesn’t do much for big lashes, it’s fine for smaller eyes like mine…I find it easy to art direct my lashes with, but that’s me…it might not work for you. I think this is why some people prefer to get the curved waterproof variant which comes with a denser curved brush…wait a minute does that variant still exist? I only see the curved washable one on the site. Anyway…Great Lash waterproof also happens to be the mascara that Regine Velasquez used on her wedding day, the day she made herself up. I saw the behind the scenes photos. So why is it popular among artists locally? I personally noticed it has excellent curl holding power for women like myself with smaller eyes and less dense lashes and it doesn’t make lashes look spidery.

GL_mascara_03 GL_mascara_05



The volume Great Lash gives is not vavavoom volume, it’s everyday wearable volume that’s noticeable. I like putting this on if I don’t want to look too made up but aim to look better than what I look like fresh out of bed. I slept overnight with just this on to test it (only I’m allowed lol) and it lasted without smudging everywhere. Waterproof mascara variants always hold curl better as I have observed. I’ve seen this for a fact having used L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic in both the waterproof and regular versions, the regular one didn’t hold curl for more than 5 minutes. It’s possible that the same chemical that prevents mascara pigment from smudging when wet also holds lash curl longer. There’s also a slim possibility that Great Lash works and looks better in humid climates than in dry climates, I haven’t met a hater here locally just yet but there are so many beauty insiders who hate this mascara online in Europe and in the U.S., the opinion abroad is pretty split up. This one is pretty popular among makeup artists here, I see it in their kits and well it works for me. I also like that it’s one of the more affordable working drugstore mascaras for myself, it only costs about $6 from US drugstores like Walgreens OR if you’d like to get it locally check out @thebeautystudioPH : a style and beauty store on Instagram and on Facebook here. They’ve got other cool things as well.

*product provided by @thebeautystudioph on Instagram for review πŸ™‚




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  • really informative blog. πŸ™‚ I also wanna try this one. I’m also into watching youtube make up tutorials… I’ve seen a lot of make up artist used this. πŸ™‚

  • Tin

    I remember seeing this on US drugstores and it was really cheap! I should’ve bought one for myself. :))

  • I love Maybeline; it give me a good-quality product in a very affordable price. Thank you for your review. I would definitely add this on my list.

  • Issa

    I think this was my first ever mascara πŸ™‚

  • arjari

    Hi Julia,
    Your eyelash are gorgeous, it quite thick by nature both up & down. so many girls might envy coz for asian girls like us, few will have such great thick, curve as yours.

  • i know this post is about the great lash but i gotta say full ‘n soft takes the cake. bar none.
    unfortunately, maybelline ph counters don’t carry it. πŸ™
    i only get it through bazaars when I’m lucky.