Lenticular Ladies, Double Mirror Compacts | Budget Buys at Metro Gaisano

So I fussed and hissed trying to Google for what to call that old school technology we 80s kids know oh, so very well. You know, plasticized sheets that toggle only 2 images delivering simple animation…enough to lure out a smile.  They happen to be lenticular plastic sheets and they’ve been around for what seems like forever.  I happened to be strolling around Metro Gaisano department store in Market Market yesterday and found these super cool double mirror compacts (1 regular side, 1 magnifying) for Php69 each with anime-ish lenticular veneers on them (I picked several out for friends, too). The compacts have a firm stub of a button to push the compact open, they’re lightly heavy-ish in weight and not loosely constructed…w-i-n.







Of course this one is my favorite one so I show her off first.  I love how she gently pouts a lightly glossed mouth when she closes her eyes.  There were probably about 10 to 15 different girl designs to choose from.  These weren’t love at first sight because honestly some of the dolly-ish faces (the toddler ones especially which I DID NOT get) were kinda scary but I fished through all the racks to find the cool-ish ones which I felt would not freak me out nor send me fleeing in fear if I caught them blinking back at me in the evening LOL.  I just find these actually useful compact mirrors trippy, artsy, and chic.  They remind me of some of the concept artwork found on sites like Ballistic Publishing by digital artists like Melanie Delon.  Read more to see a few more photos and the inside of the compact.

If you purchase any of these at Metro Gaisano be sure to request the salesladies to inspect them upon checkout to make sure you’re not getting a cracked mirror…they did that with me as an SOP.  They set aside a second one of the one I liked the most because it had a light scratch on the inside, I said I just wouldn’t get it then.  They checked all of mine by default just to be sure and it was nice to find that these come with clear sticker backing on the backside of it to ensure no premature scratching.  I won’t be showing you all three. Just a close-up with this second one ‘coz she reminds me of Avril Lavigne and I love how on some of the designs you don’t get just the eye animation…sometimes stars appear or the haircolor changes…like with this one.  Play a flash game of spot the difference with me.





These “Mirror Mirror” compacts make lovely gifts for a marvelous price.  Now these lenticular ladies are off to bed…so sorry if they kinda creep some of you out…they can have that effect, but I got over my  initial creepy feelings within minutes when I saw how well put together these were for Php69.  They’re actually really pretty, mom also thought they were cute and cool.

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  • These are pretty cool 🙂 What’s really weird is that I was thinking of buying a compact mirror as a gift this afternoon. no, seriously :))

  • Nel

    Ah so it’s called Lenticular. When I was young, (90’s kid here) we call it “Holographic picture,” Hologram is a different thing nga pala. I learned something new from you again. Yup, I find it creepy, hehe.