Le Couvent Des Minime Gentle Cleansing Milk | Mineral Oil-free, Made in France, Available Here

After my recent counter with the UK’s acclaimed Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm I’ve come to the conclusion that it is lovely and luxurious in itself and does what Caroline Hirons says but it’s a pain in the ass to put up with locally in a tropical climate, simply because you have to keep it refrigerated so it doesn’t melt and you have to twist open a pot to scoop it out with a spatula or fingers to get cleansing.  Once you’ve come home real sleepy, that’s not gonna happen.  I will be finishing it up then I think I’ll be finished with it.  The product itself is completely lovely on the skin but not made to survive warm climates so I knew I most likely would not be repurchasing it due to the fiddle-faddle inconvenience it brings, apart from local inavailability.  We all know that skincare guru Caroline Hirons approves of non-foaming cleansers and although non-mineral oil cleansing balms are her top choice she has approved and said “Cleansing Milks are okay”.  She also approves of Cetaphil since it’s basic and doesn’t foam but the lady in me still wanted something souped up with more natural ingredients, non-greasy hydration, and feminine flair.  I currently stumbled upon this relatively new brand at Watsons Megamall, Le Couvent Des Minime (“Lurhh KooVahn Dei Mineemh” hear & learn pronunciation here at this link) which is a more affordable French brand absorbed by L’Occitane as a sister/daughter brand.  I got this out of curiosity and the operating word “Mineral Oil-Free”…and I didn’t expect this but because it was so convenient since you just squeeze it out of a bottle I ended up using it more than my Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm since I didn’t need to make trips to the refrigerator any more.




“Gently removes makeup…face, lips, and eyes…formula without Mineral Oil”

Key Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Grape Seed Oil, beneficial kinds of Rose Water, Rose Seed Oils, and Rose Flower Extracts, and Vitamin E.   Mineral Oil-Free and Paraben Free. Made in France.


They’ve also got a “Rinse Off Cleansing Cream”, I got both but this Gentle Cleansing Milk won over that one.  The Rinse Off  Rose Cleansing Cream made me gag from the scent that was too strong for my liking, the Gentle Cleansing Milk has a WAY MILDER rose scent.  This Cleansing Milk is really exciting for me to cleanse with because it takes off the makeup and leaves a soft fresh, not heavy, hydrated feeling behind.


I also like that the Cleansing Milk in real life is not pure white in color (which is such an artificial thing) the cleansing milk is the lightly creamy color of condensed milk which makes me believe it isn’t artificially colored.  My camera could only catch the cream color in the bottle.


I found that this Gentle Cleansing Milk of theirs not only smelt mildly enough of roses but happens to be Mineral Oil and Paraben Free.  The brand promotes “natural,original recipes” concocted by Franciscan Monks, proceeds of which originally went to charity.  While I’m all for a bit of history I just simply like that this takes off makeup (except waterproof mascara), it’s mineral-oil free, when you mix water onto it it turns into a milk wash over the face that short of emulsifies and gives a similar supple finish as the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm.  While it’s got more of a high-street price at Php800.00 for 200ml you get a lot of product for that cost.  I use a 5 peso coin size dollop of this on my face, massage with fingers on skin, and then another dollop on a cotton pad to help move and unseat all the makeup first (if I don’t choose to use Bioderma)  then I repeat for a thorough cleanse…you can wipe it all off with a wet face towel (to keep more hydration on) or if you still want to rinse with water you obviously can since this seems to slightly emulsify.  I follow with my Moringa O2 Malunggay Toner to make sure my face is completely clean.  If you’re not a fan of rose scents don’t get this…stick with Cetaphil (but that doesn’t remove makeup well apart from cleansing).  Le Couvent Des Minime have lots of other products available in the range packaged in “L’Occitanesque” fashion.  In my opinion they’re a bit hard to market locally here in the Philippines simply because the labels are not just cluttered, they’re cluttered with French…but the packaging is still very classy and nice to look at.  This Gentle rose Cleansing Milk costs Php799.00 exactly at select SM Watsons stores (the bigger ones, Makati, MOA, Megamall should surely have brand kiosks…Southmall maybe).


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  • Hi Julia! Le couvent des minimes is on buy one get one promo- you might want to take advantage. I’ve been a Bless My Bag reader for quiet a while now – and I am learning a lot. Thanks and God bless!