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Hi! It’s me and I thought I’d put in a normal, blabby, non-beauty bloggery post just to give you guys a primer on what’s been going on with me.  At the moment a huge career opportunity has come up and I’ve never been so excited and pensive.  It’s a role that is still in makeup and the beauty industry but it would mean a temporary side-step from a fulltime freelance career and a stepping stone leap into the corporate scene.  I am still pursuing the path of makeup it’s just that a possible position has opened up that involves a bigger responsibility which involves the makeup professional in me.



By the way the top in no way suggests I might be working for someone scary okay? LOL,  they’re just random visuals to support the relevance of a cosmetic job opportunity.  Should things push through, my lovely blog readers, don’t worry the blog of course is here to stay!  In fact, should this thing land smoothly (I pray it does) I’d definitely have even more insider-y things to post for you because this involves a lot of traveling, skincare, and makeup, however because it’s a more regular job I might have less time so daily posts (which actually aren’t very daily right now) might not be sooo daily, more like 3-4x a week, but I assure you guys this blog will go on as usual giving you, as best as I can, wonderful content.  The manner in which it will most likely change, if the position goes my way, is the number of brands I’ll be able to publicly review for all of you may lessen, however, it’s great that I review a mix of both foreign and local stuff so not everything will be in conflict of lockout since some brands I review anyway aren’t available here and that also means more tips, how-tos, travel, and editorial posts.  The opportunity that has come my way involves a huge beauty brand so there will be a reasonable handful of limitations on what I can review if I do land the job (God-willingly), but they also completely respect that I’d still like some freedom to feature various brands or products that aren’t direct competitors or even more style, and lifestyle brands once in awhile.  So in effect I won’t completely have my hands tied and that’s fine with me.


The reason why I’m hopeful for this opportunity and went gung-ho for it is not because I don’t enjoy being a makeup freelancer, but it’s because honestly this year business for me was not as good as last year…it was a sudden drop and it was quite spotty.  The Philippine market is quite saturated with freelance hair and makeup suppliers at the moment.  Every major entry point you want to take means the possibility of maybe “supplanting” already very well-loved regulars on jobs they do.  Every-other-other person I know has taken a class and though I know I have quite good skills everyone’s got their “manok” as we say here, those who have started several years before our batch.  It takes a minimum of 3-5 years to make a name for yourself amongst A-listers because the positions are all currently filled.  I’d love to apprentice with someone as well but the people I’d like to apprentice for to my knowledge don’t take apprentices.  I felt that because of my goals I didn’t have time to wait and work that long to put my name on the map and I certainly needed to establish myself professionally by working with top people, teaching, working on more faces on a regular basis, and being able to travel more with a stable income, too.  I was told that random freelance jobs that come along if ever need not always be turned down as long as it’s a day I can file leave for in advance, so it’s nice to hear they’re quite understanding about clients I’ve already touched base with.  I also read this article via Caroline Hiron’s blog about a freelance makeup artist named Katy Messer who took a sidestep of several years with another brand, Laura Mercier  and ended up working with the biggest names in the biz, alongside Laura Mercier herself.

CH: When did you get your ‘big break’? 

“After working in make-up for 7 years I left freelancing to work for Laura Mercier and quickly worked my way up to the position of International Make-up Artist. That put me in the position to travel the world and I got to work directly alongside Laura herself on some fabulous projects. This opened up so many amazing opportunities and I got to see parts of the world I’d not have got the chance to otherwise.” – KATY MESSER, Pro MUA

CH: What advice do you have for aspiring MUA’s trying to get into the industry? 

Nothing beats experience. You can train as much as the next person but assisting, practise, passion for the art of make-up will hold you in better stead than any certificate. It’s a dog eat dog world and people will climb over you in a heartbeat to get to the top but if you’re truly passionate about the work you do, that will hold you in good stead. For experience, don’t overlook working at least part time for a cosmetics brand. In the right company they will nurture your artistry and it’s also a great way to build your kit.” – KATY MESSER, Pro MUA

So I do believe that, given the right job description, corporate opportunities in the cosmetic industry do not take away from the possibility of becoming an established  freelance makeup artist in the far future.  My dream job that comes with that, is to be Creative Director for a world renowned beauty brand, or at least an internationally on the map brand, the way Lisa Eldridge does it for No.7 cosmetics, the way Tom Pecheaux does it for Estee Lauder, or the way Pat McGrath is Global Creative Director for P&G Beauty.  I’m waiting on God basically at this point after the interview and I’m praying that this is the moment my wheels turn on the runway…I’m ready for takeoff.

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    Excited for you Juls!;)

  • With the quality of your writing and the looks you create I’m sure you’ll go far. Just need the right timing. Best of luck to you!

  • I have a good feeling about this 🙂

    Congratulations! I know you’ll make it.

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    Praying for God’s best for you, Jul, in every way <3

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    I have a hunch what that company is, I hope I’m right, hehe. Anyway, I pray you’ll make it Ms. Julia. 🙂

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