The Personal Care Prepper | A Tale About Backups

I don’t have a shelved and inventoried stockpile of products sitting in a titanium lined bomb shelter, but I do have a number of specific items I can count on one hand (minus the foundation because that makes 6 lol) that I do not like running out of.  They’re not at all last season’s embossed makeup palettes but they do belong in a beauty blog and have more meaningful functions in my life.  Prepping is on everyone’s mind now and relevantly speaking I do go through these like the Shinkansen and nobody’s business.  I’ve placed the nearly empty ones in front in case you can notice the difference at all.  The only thing I wouldn’t say is not nearly empty is my Earl Grey Hurraw vegan lip balm which is approaching halfway and my Shiseido foundation.


Delon Argan Oil Conditioner (S&R Membership Shopping grocery), Le Couvent Des Minime Gentle Cleansing Milk (currently 30% off at SM Watsons beauty floors…), J&C Super Clean Solutions Makeup Brush spray (contains alcohol), Dr. Woods Liquid Castile Soap w/ Shea Butter (for deep shampooing makeup brushes), Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation, Hurraw Earl Grey Lip Balm



Stories about acquiring the backups and the reasons behind them are more interesting I think than the backups themselves, they prove their worth (for individual reviews I’ve done click on the product names).  These were “stockpiled” randomly over the last 4 months.

The Delon Argan Oil Conditioner I actually did not stock up on at S&R the first time when I believed stocking up was sort of pretentious and when I ran out it was temporarily GONE from S&R for months and I blamed myself daily, it’s the only conditioner that actually makes me feel that it really contains Argan Oil plus it emulsifies a little bit and rinses leaving that healthy glow or sheen my dull hair craves for.  Then mom spotted the conditioner again at S&R a few grocery stops ago and she got me four bottles plus one for herself.

The Le Couvent Des Minime Gentle Cleansing Milk I’ve just really run out of words for, it’s such a comforting soothing cleanser with rose botanicals that doesn’t foam, doesn’t have mineral oil, but still removes makeup while it cleanses (except waterproof mascara).  I have this bad feeling that people aren’t noticing this L’Occitane sister brand as much as they should in the SM watsons beauty halls, please help them do well so that this brand stays here LOL!!  I don’t want them pulling out any time soon, don’t give me more reasons to stock up, lol.

As I mentioned in my last post for the J&C Super Clean Solutions Makeup Brush Spray I found the perfect opportunity to stock up when I ran out.  I checked with the team that works it out last July 28, apparently they were going to have a price increase come August so I decided to get two bottles while it was still Php395, it now retails for Php595.  It takes about 4-5months for me to get through one.  If you’re looking for an alcohol-free brush cleansing spray a reader of mine named Soleil just mentioned the Ellana Brush Cleanser…which I’m also keen to try.

The Dr. Woods liquid Castile soap  from HEALTHY OPTIONS is pretty much an all-around sort of product safe to use for people and general cleaning but I buy it primarily to shampoo my makeup brushes.  Two overflowing caps to a cup of water is the ratio that works for me then just repeat the amount if you need more of the solution.  Dip, swirl, and lather up your brushes with it on your hand, repeating till the lather is white then rinse thoroughly. It’s a good and sufficient Dr. Bronner’s dupe and is safe to use on yourself as well as your brushes.  My favorite variant for brushes is the peppermint one but I love that they have an unscented BABY version for people with sensitive skin who need their brushes to be completely free of any possible irritants.  The tea tree variant I’ve not opened yet but have on hand should be good for keeping germs and bacteria at a minimum.  I do recommend you use this and NOT Joy Antibac detergent as I previously recommended (Joy didn’t break me out but broke someone else out) to ensure skin safety.

On the Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation there is no need to say much because I’ve already reviewed it.  It’s a favorite and the one I reach for the most currently.  The backup story of this has sort of a twist because I really got one more in a shade darker because I accidentally tanned (waking up late by a bedroom window where the sun rises).  I then realized I was slowly running out of the first lighter shade I had, right now I’ve been mixing the two as I slowly lose my tan.

And last but not the least, my soooo affordably luxurious Hurraw Earl Grey Lip Balm  available from or email for more information (if I’m not mistaken these are already retailing at Beyond Yoga BGC fort).  Since I was contacted to review the products originally I shamelessly asked if I could have a backup of Earl Grey and Cutieverse were glad to supply my Earl Grey fix.  I keep reaching for it and when I can’t find it in my bag I feel a little incomplete without it.  The Hurraw Earl Grey scent and flavor is just so comforting and there are not enough words to describe how perfect the texture is for a cold-pressed vegan lip balm.  It tops any other pocketable balms I’ve tried so far.

That pretty much sums up the stuff I have backups for.  One thing you can never have a backup for though is the people you love, you need to be with them while they exist and spread the truth about love with others.  More than anything I think that’s what really matters should we begin talking about expiration dates and human existence, because time running out is real.

Steve Carell, Keira Knightley – Seeking a Friend for the End of the world

Sentiment aside, is there anything you kind of stock up on in particular whether from the grocery, from a makeup boutique, or something from abroad?  I’m really interested to hear about what you guys like to have on hand.  Tell me in the comments if you feel like it.




Diorskin Nude BB Creme SPF 10 | Pretty, But Define Subtle...
Stock Up on J&C Super Clean Solutions at Php395
  • I get a bit paranoid if I don’t have at least an extra stock of these. Not only because they’re part of my HG list but they get out of stock sometimes:

    Ahava Purifying Mud Mask – for a blemish which doesn’t happen, this is my savior;
    Etude House Oh M’Eye Lash – a gel type mascara recommended to coat eyelashes after mascara but I use it to fix my eyebrows so they stay put all day;
    Muji Cleansing Oil – best dupe for Shu Uemura’s
    Ellana Minerals brush cleaner – I need this everyday
    Hurraw Lip Balms – recommended by you! The best balm I’ve tried

  • Oops! I meant – for a blemish which doesn’t happen very often…

  • Stella

    Julia!! I’ve the Le Couvent ( after pronouncing it horribly, facepalms myself) and its super good!!!! Ayan nag hoard na rin ako! Love your skincare posts!!! xxx

  • Nel

    Ilog Maria Toothpowder – I made a mental note to always order this 3 tubs at a time. I ran out of this recently and gums and teeth is not hiyang with our toothpaste anymore. Maintained good oral health because of this.
    Ilog Maria Propolis Cider Liniment – when I feel tingling of the hands, arms and legs I apply this before bedtime and I find relief the next morning.
    All of their products are available online and it’s much convenient than going to Cavite to buy stock, plus they’re all effective, all natural. It’s better to buy in bulk to save on shipment and time.
    Physiogel Cream – I buy in sachets so I always open a fresh one and it’s cheaper 🙂

    Other than that, just basic items like Olay Age-defying body bar (from S&R), Kojie San soap, Moringa O2 soap, Tisyu on the go, Kleenex Eucalyptus, Watson’s and Hello Kitty wipes.

    Alba Acne-dote scrub is 2nd permanent thing (next to Physiogel) in my skincare products but no need to hoard because it’s always available. Other products like toners, hair care, lotions – nothing permanent, to make room for new products to try.

    I want to try Le Couvant des Minimes but whenever I go to big SM malls I don’t have anything to buy at Watson’s, I end up not visiting >_< I'll make sure to check next time!