Diorskin Nude BB Creme SPF 10 | Pretty, But Define Subtle…

The hype semi-sorta got to me, more so after people went ballistic for the stuff when Lisa Eldridge put it on last April…and even more especially since my favorite vloggers like Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup, Lily Pebbles, and Estee of Essiebutton could NOT step on the brakes when raving about Diorskin Nude BB Cream.  Yes, I blame them, yes, I also blame me…but I’m telling you, I was spotting that all too familiar sheer soft glow on their faces whenever they seemed to have it on for YouTube…or was it just make-believe?


 “Diorskin Nude BB Crème provides the benefits of skincare and makeup in a fresh and airy formula. Enhanced with mineralized floral water and a blend of antioxidants, it moisturizes, smooths, protects, and corrects skin with sheer coverage. Available in expert shades to match every skintone, the complexion is illuminated with a unique fresh glow and dewy finish.”

The fact that I could also somewhat spot when they weren’t wearing it made all the difference.  However the product’s subtlety had me thinking whether I was really seeing things or just hoping to see things (remember the emperor’s new clothes?).  It is supposedly the sublimely subtle BB Creme for girls with clear skin (due to its sheer but noticeable effect).  So what was the deal, was I seeing the effect, or was I not seeing the effect?  I actually had to find out for myself.  By the way sorry about the chapped lips in the second set of before and after shots after the jump, forgot to scrub them before shooting. Read more to see simple before and after shots of this on my face plus my two cents and just about everything in between the truth and the hype about this here BB Creme by Dior.

This was quite the elusive one, really, at one point I was like, really now…it seemed like it was on for hot pursuit.  I purchased mine in the shade Fair 002, a spot on match for NC30 girls, it’s slightly less yellow and more neutral but not at all pink which is good.  I had to finally source mine from StrawberryNET when they went on a 10% off ALL Makeup sale, that markdown added to my loyalty discount of 7.5% brought the price down just to about $1USD above the Boots/Sephora retail prices, and with FREE shipping so I went for it.  It arrived after a week and a half.  Prior to that opportunity, check out all the failed attempts: my aunt accidentally (not her fault) brought home the Nude Tan bronzer BB creme from the UK, she tested the correct item but the saleslady grabbed the wrong stock box upon checkout (WOW).  I was surprised to be looking at a brown tube when I opened the box.


Then my guy friend flying in from Singapore found out just before boarding that they only sold the Dior Snow BB at Changi Airport, this Diorskin NUDE one was not remotely available at Dutyfree SG (btw, if you’re seeking an a SPF level that will actually protect you, get Dior Snow instead).  Sometimes if you want something, you just have to get it yourself and I decided I wasn’t going to badger one more person for this, I did a prelude, but I quickly withdrew my request from my friend coming home from the US when the alert for StrawberryNET’s sale hit me up.

I’ve already got pretty clear skin, except for some sun spots and rosacea around my nose and above my upper lip.  I did say this earlier.  I’ve already frankly said it so if you do happen to be someone with evidently troubled skin this is not going to cover anything up I’m afraid, no amount of hype or hoping with regard to this product will change that.  It provides a veil of tint, a wash of sophisticated sheen which enhances and boosts clear skin rather than paints over it.  It’s a product for normal to dry or mildly oily skin so let’s be clear on that.  There is sort of a lighting shift here in my first set of before and afters, I had to move because the morning sun moved after I applied the BB creme.  But more or less, it’s the same brightness and still makes a decent before and after.


The thing that first got me initially “underwhelmed” about this product, apart from the negligible SPF level (10 really?) is how sheer and subtle it was, it wasn’t completely non-existent, but I expected a teensy-weensy bit more coverage.  If you find Becca Luminous Skin Tint subtle (I have a perfect shade in that range), this is sheerer if you only apply one layer, BUT (with my palm in your face)…but (back of hand dramatically to forehead)…but (pirouette with a rose in my mouth)…but (foot firmly stamped on your knee) this Diorskin Nude BB is beautifully buildable.  I did two layers (letting the first one set for 2-3 minutes) added a second layer, waited a few minutes for the slightly fair tint to mildly oxidize a little bit then I got a gorgeous effect.




I used hands first to apply then finishing together with a Real Techniques Expert face brush, all the shots you see here have no concealer added, just the Diorskin BB on its own.  What I love about Dior’s take on dewy is I have no idea how they get the dewy to settle into a soft touchable sheen (baby sheen) and not look the least bit greasy.  Skin looks juicier, but somehow not greasy at all…plus when I touched my face after a few minutes…it is soft and supple and I mean more so than it normally is.  Whatever mild botanicals they put in this actually give a positive tangible effect on MY skin, however, a note to those who might care, it is scented, but beautifully, it is after all Dior.  MJ Moonwalking back to the pitiful SPF level of 10, the only thing I particularly appreciate about it is I can use this for flashy, artificially lit evening events without fear.  Overall, so what, Julia, makeup your mind..yea, it is lovely, I do quite like the finish but I expected something more “mind-blowing” with a bit more coverage.  It isn’t a fail product in the least, I just wanted more, kind of like after watching the film Man of Steel after waiting for months, with a dream team behind it I found it great, Superman perfectly cast, but wanting more from the story (not to mention the sequencing).  One of the photos that convinced me to get this was the before and after shot of the blogger behind Beautezine, and we do both get the same effect, although subtle, the difference still shows and it’s just believably fresh and mild coverage over red areas.  I’m sure after you see this photo you won’t blame me for super wanting to try it.

Beautezine’s before and after of Diorskin NUDE BB Creme


I think this should be priced a little less since it’s so sheer and called a tinted moisturizer instead so they can remove the SPF10 that thinly qualifies it as something that’s supposed to protect skin.  There is a powder product out there that I’m quite set on acquiring (thanks to some Rustan’s GCs) that I believe might be a match made in heaven when used with this BB cream.  Let’s see if my suspicions are correct.  From what I know this BB Creme isn’t available locally.  This cost about Php1900+ from a StrawberryNET sale with FREE shipping, the original online retail prices direct from sites like Sephora or Boots come to about Php1850 (shipping not included) when converted.  On U.S. sites like Sephora there are 5 shades available.

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  • So it’s really more makeup than a sunscreen right? Have you tried any similar tinted moisturizers with higher SPF?