My Nationwide Getaway InstaGlam Giveaway! | Getaway, Don’t Look Astray Until Oct. 31, 2013

This is going to be my first multi-brand makeup and skincare giveaway that involves the use of Instagram!  Check out that “Bless This Bag” travel tag, who would’ve thought I’d spot something like that at True Value? LOL



This toiletry bag splits open with 2 compartments for makeup and skincare.  It’s jam-packed with lots of great travel-size & full size products that make getting away without looking astray much, much simpler.  I don’t know bout you guys but for me the Pièce de résistance of this whole giveaway is the “Belle” hand mirror I picked out from Singapore (of course I have one of my own, I bought 2).



It feels weight-y though the balance is a little bit off center (more on top less on the handle) but who cares, it’s heavy enough to not feel like a prop, small enough to slip into a handbag and it’s so elaborately made, I love it.







All the prizes included are mentioned in the widget.  Get to the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom to officially join and see the list of prizes.  It’s that simple.  By the way in the widget there’s a non-mandatory BONUS action offered (for more entry points to win this one) which is to join my OTHER Makeover + Shiseido Ibuki Giveaway at this link here and help send me to Japan. Y’all ready for this makeup and skincare getaway giveaway? Cue house music…

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Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow "Birthday Suit" | And the Ongoing Blog Makeover
Oracare Mouthwash "Merrymint" | No Sting, No Red lips
  • Nev

    My perfect getaway trip would be a trip to Paris with my hubby and baby boy! 🙂

    Genevieve Estella-Llaguno

  • Robin Jacques Ong
    jacobin (dot) ong (at) gmail (dot) com

    I’m idea of a perfect getaway is to “backpack” travel the natural wonders of the Philippines. I want to hike to Mt. Pinatubo and swim by it’s lake. I also want to the same for Mt. Taal but I don’t think I can swim in the crater. I want to scuba dive in the reefs of Tubataha, go spelunking at Sagada and lastly, ride the rapids of Cagayan de Oro. This has been my adventure list for now.

  • Gabrielle Tiongson

    Mine is really simple. I just want to spend a month in an uninhabited island with my cats. No electricity, no noise, no work, no anything… just me, my cats, the sun in the morning and the moon and stars at night. 🙂

  • gerilen

    spend a whole week on the beach with my family, grilling fresh caught fish and night swim and sand castle making <3

  • Jahn Nika L. Pascua

    I wonder if you would get a chance to read this. I stumbled upon your blog by accident a few months ago, and I started reading back old posts, before I knew it, I had gone back quite a lot. I’m not quite sure what it was that made me like your blog, at first I thought it was your hair and your no bullshit makeup reviews, but it kept me coming back for new posts. Please keep up the great work

  • Sheela Marie Castillo

    Will be taking multiple short trips like hiking with friends and moving one place to another. Providing multiple opportunities to experience the pleasure of anticipation ☺

  • Meg Yap

    Meg Yap –

    The perfect getaway for me is going to Korea during Spring time. I have never been to Jeju Island and spring time is the best time to visit it for the cherry blossoms. Not to mention the fact that since it’s an island, you get to go to the beach too! 🙂 It’d be nice to taste local food as well and explore the island by bike or foot.

  • Nicola Relampagos

    My idea of a perfect getaway would be grabbing my hardworking best friend and go on a road trip all the way to La Union. To relax on the beach, surf and just catch up. 🙂

  • Sealtiel Olle Galero

    Name: Sealtiel Olle Galero

    With the soft and warm wind blowing my hair, I’m lying down on a hammock while reading a good book. I could hear the lapping of the waves on the beach nearby. The ocean breeze and the wonderful noises of the beach would lull me to sleep for my afternoon nap under the beach hut’s shade.

    Well, that would certainly define my perfect getaway trip.

  • Mary Cris

    Perfect getaway trip would be anywhere with my boyfriend(i know so cheesy lol)! But the beach would be perfect as well :))

  • My idea of a perfect getaway is a week (or two) in Boracay with my hubby and my baby, just enjoying the sun and bonding on the sand!

  • Fati Recede

    Fati Recede

    My perfect getaway is where you explore the place you wanna go. Had fun under the sun. And do the things you never done before! Laugh, get tanned, and enjoy! 🙂

  • Bernice Yumul

    My perfect getaway is Japan! I want to go to Totoro land with my family and see the cherry blossoms 🙂 I love true value btw. They have a lot of awesome things 🙂 hehe.

  • Michele Carrillo

    My perfect getaway trip would be a backpacking trip across Europe. No fancy hotels, just submerging myself in the culture of the different countries and just having fun.

  • Kate Trinidad

    My perfect getaway trip would be a European vacation with my husband and son :). I would love to visit Spain, Paris, Budapest and sample their culture and food!

  • Ella Pangilinan

    Away from the busy city and upbeat lifestyle, sipping mocktails, tanning, seaside spa treatments and non-stop chattering. With waves splashing as the trip’s soundtrack at the Bahama shores, ahhh what a way to unwind. Along with the older sisters I never had, that kind of tranquil retreat would be my idea of a perfect getaway.

  • My favorite holiday would be a happy medium between a set schedule and serendipity. I find that locations don’t really matter (a nice tropical island would be nice though…) – any place can be a the setting for an adventure! I believe that holidays are opportunities to discover new things about the world and also about ourselves. 🙂

  • Tiffany Faulkner

    I’ve traveled quite a bit in my lifetime despite only being 18 because of my parents, and one thing I can say for sure is being far away from the city and as cliché as it sounds, being one with nature is definitely the best getaway. Whether it be on the beaches of the Bahamas or the Swiss Alps, or even Yosemite park in California. However I would want my next getaway to be in a Spa Resort on a secluded island (maldives preferably) with my boyfriend, we live such busy lifestyles so it would be the perfect way to relax. As my childhood icon, Winne the Pooh once said, “Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.” x

  • Meggie

    Meggie De Ocampo

    A perfect getaway trip for me is lounging on a chair and staring at a beautiful view of the beach , any beach. I am always at home and would love to see something different aside from my home and my laptop. =)

  • Pauline

    My perfect getaway would be with my girls and boyfriend hanging out in a secluded beach with fine white sand, sipping cocktails and talking about anything under the sun!

  • My perfect getaway is in a romantic beach with my husband. I really love going to different beautiful beaches. The sea gives me serenity from stress. And the salty air relaxes myself.

  • My perfect getaway is a European tour with my family. I really really want to visit Europe and see for myself how beautiful it is!

  • my dream destination would be New Zealand where they shot LOTR <3

  • My perfect getaway would be at a beautiful, pristine beach, with perfect sunny weather, awesome food, and no noise, no crowds, only good company.:)

  • Norissa Chavez

    My perfect getaway would be a European tour with my family! I want to see and experience all the beautiful and romantic places there of course with my love ones.

  • My perfect getaway would be a trip around Asia with my family and/or my boyfriend! discovering and venturing new stuffs together. 🙂

  • My ideal getaway would be to finally have the courage to go alone on a backpack adventure to Batanes. I’ve always gone on trips with my family and my past boyfriend of five years. I was too secure doing things in groups and went with what everyone else decides as fun and enjoyable. I would love to finally experiencing things first hand on my own terms and choices. That getaway not only will be ideal but also a life changing experience.

  • NAME: Rochelle Rivera
    A Perfect Getaway trip is with the whole family into the stories of the world’s greatest destinations.
    relax on a spectacular beach
    shopping until you drop and everything in between
    All-Inclusives Paid Trip!

  • My perfect getaway trip is with my family and boyfriend. We will go to a place where you can relax and enjoy somewhere away from the city. It can be near the beach where you can just sit there, catch up and enjoy the view especially during sunset.

  • Perfect getaway for me is a backpacking with my friends in the Cordilleras! No plans, just some cash and a few clothes. And no guide books! We’ll rely on recommendations of locals.

  • The perfect getaway would be a local road trip to any beach destination with my family. We used to do this a lot as a kid and we always headed out to those idyllic never been touched places. I think the perfect getaway was always more about the people you are with rather than the place you’re going to!

  • I’m always fascinated by the changing colors of the sky. So, the perfect getaway for me would be to pack my bags and go to the nordic region. There I’ll watch Aurora Borealis up close to my heart’s content. To be able to capture the moment would be awesome too.

  • Cheeka Beltran
    chix_beltran (at) yahoo (dot) com

    The perfect getaway would be a European trip with my family and boyfriend. Exploring new places would be perfect with the people you love dearly. Building new memories with them is something that I would cherish for a lifetime.

  • My perfect getaway trip would be at the beach with my family. I want it to be as peaceful as possible. No fighting, just the whole family relaxed and having a great time. 🙂

  • For me, any getaway is perfect when you’re with your loved ones. Sunsets are best witnessed with your better half, theme parks are best explored with your family and shopping for souvenirs is more fun with friends. In short, nothing beats a vacation spent with those you want to be with.


  • Hmmm probably a trip back home, I miss my parents sister and two pups!

    Angelique Lintag

  • Perfect getaway for me would be a trip to Santorini, Greece. Santorini is just so romantic and magical – simply breathtaking!

  • A perfect getaway trip for me is a trip to Europe with my mom, brother and my grandparents beside me. It would fulfill my dream of traveling with my grandparents, taking them to a place we always wanted to go to.

  • A perfect getaway trip for me is a trip to Europe with my mom, brother and my grandparents beside me. It would fulfill my dream of traveling with my grandparents, taking them to a place we always wanted to go to. Thank you also for giving us a chance to win! God bless you 🙂

  • i love going on out of town trips, but due to financial constraints, i can’t afford to bring the whole family with me. It’s always me or i join a group of friends. So if there’s a perfect getaway trip, that would be with my dad and 2 sisters,my father has been working all his life and can’t even afford to go on a vacation somewhere aside from our house. hehe. Little by little, I will save up for that vacation with the family to finally make into reality.

  • My idea of a perfect getaway would be a random unplanned road trip with friends and people i love.

  • IIt’s the perfect get away if me and my family are having loads of fun without the worries of work hounding me…

  • My ideal perfect giveaway is of course is with my family. It would be a very nice trip if I will spend it with them. I would love to go out of the country again maybe singapore or hongkong again. A bright sunny day would be a perfect time to travel and explore the other side of the country! 🙂

  • Perfect getaway trip is anywhere that is stress free. =)

  • caryn morales

    my perfect getaway would be with my family. we’ll have a road trip around and will spontaneously visit town to town and explore their delicacies and tourist spots. the highlight would be at a beach, night camp and bonfire

  • My perfect get away is traveling with family and friends and try discover new sports like surfing. There’s something incredibly amazing about physically being in a whole new place — it’s such a energizing amendment from my daily routine, and it helps me to feel relax.

  • The perfect get away for me is pretty simple – beach + booze + family and friends + good food. I can’t say it any better. Take me anywhere I can find these and I’m sold 🙂

  • Lucia Anne Sacro

    Good sight + Beach + healthy food + Boyfriend = perfect trip. 🙂 i just want to go out of town with boyfriend for the first time.