Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow “Birthday Suit” | And the Ongoing Blog Makeover

You’d be hard pressed to find a cream eyeshadow matching the gorgeous nude-y bronze shade that is “Birthday Suit” by Benefit Cosmetics.  I also had this shade in its old packaging, the one with all the doves on the cap, but for some reason that first one years ago dried out so quickly, dunno why.  They haven’t claimed reformulation but for some reason…I don’t think I’m imagining things, these actually seem way better in texture.


Sorry about the week of nothing except plugging for the giveaways.  I’ve been busy trying to be busy in real life (if you’re a freelancer you will understand) and then when I had free days last week a mild flu got me for 4 days.  You’re going to have to forgive me for being corny just for now, it’s a lovely product but I’m not displaying this on my face today.

BEN_cc_03 BEN_cc_04

See Birthday Suit in all its gilded glory?  It’s the perfect not-too-brown cross between champagne and taupe.  Who wouldn’t want the baby of Champagne and Taupe on their eyes?  It makes a great eye base too for a smoky eye or can even be worn alone for a naturally sheer but enhanced look during the day time.


When I’m lazy Birthday Suit’s got my back.  I use fingers to blend it over the lid when I’m in a rush and want people to notice I have something more than mascara on.  This costs Php1100 from Benefit Cosmetics and you get a lot of product in a glass pot that will last you ages as long as you twist the lid tight after every use.  By the way if you’d like to win a pot of this gorgeous goodness but in a lovely lavender shade called “Always A Bridesmaid” then join my Instaglam Giveaway via this link or the sidebar ad to the right. 🙂

Oh, yes, I haven’t forgotten.  You may have noticed that the blog looks different.  Please note that this layout hasn’t been fine tuned but I like the space it gives and what matters most is it’s a higher resolution layout that can keep up with readers who do a lot of HD browsing.  I think my pictures can be slightly bigger now, I’ll have to check in the CSS and html coding first.  I still have to tweak and test several things.  The blog header title, for now, still sucks of course, no way will it stay that way…that’s just the template’s default titleface.  I will try to find a way to get my blog header logo up there and fix several things I’m still not satisfied with.  Okay, my neck hurts…it took the whole afternoon to backup the entire blog before I could test this new look.  Please bear with several random changes in small places for the next few days.  Goodnight!


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  • me too, on lazy days, i just put on neutral color eyeshadow 🙂