Haus of Gloi “Something Hopeful” Bubbling Scrub | An Out of Season Asian Delight

It’s been awhile but the brand remains close to my heart.  When the ‘Ber months come rolling around, my early readers know I eventually muse about the small U.S. venture that is Haus of Gloi again since their Holiday ranges are among the most sought after in seasonal vegan bath & body concoctions.  The endearing revelation is that it’s a vegan couple behind all this, Briton designs the scents and makes everything…and Matt packs and ships everything.  What I’ve been drawn to is late and out of season, since “Something Hopeful” is from their Valentine collection, but in case you’re one of my new readers (and I’ve noticed there are several of you) you may have not heard me gush about this brand before.




“Perhaps the first stirrings of the spring to come. Warm sakura blossom green tea with the tiniest droplet of plum juice, red mandarin and crystallized jasmine essence.”

Briton’s thoughtfully written scent descriptions help land purchases every time.

Something Hopeful Bubbling Scrub is a creamy, fruity, Asian floral.  The bubbling scrubs are exfoliating pasty wonders which lather up gently when you work it into wet skin and they undoubtedly transform bath or shower moments into a luxuriously fragrant event.   Read on and click “more” to get the full review.


The scent of something hopeful is sweet, slightly floral, feminine and very comforting.  My Mom would muse right along with me, she’d tell you herself about the delectably scented homemade creations of Haus of Gloi.



I order Haus of Gloi items directly from their website then it takes about 3 weeks before they arrive in the Makati Post Office for me. They’re safe in transit because they’re sealed beneath the lid (thank you very much) and the pots are light plastic, not glass.  You’ll have to be sure your total order is under $50 if you only want to pay the Php50 customs presentation fee instead of heavy tax.  Early this year Mom egged me on about her Holiday “Hearth” bubbling scrub that had run out (a Yuletide release) which was one that she liked so much she’d take it abroad with her on business trips.  My favorite permanent scent of theirs is still Elevenses which has a tea and treacle base.  This one is all I have left so you can imagine now that Fall season is in I’ve been scrolling through their site again.  I’m currently quite curious about the Autumn Chai scent which I saw in a handmade soap form, but I wish there was a bubbling scrub of that, perhaps they’re probably just about to restock again.  If you’re curious about the people behind the brand follow Briton on Instagram @hausofgloi and check out the blog which stems from their main site.


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  • the way you describe this is really tempting…. 🙂