MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Palette | 5 Lipsticks & 1 Pro Brush

Since the return of Make Up For Ever cosmetics lots of ladies like myself have been heaving huge sighs of relief. It’s just one of those pro ranges you trust can deliver, even their products without the blogger hype don’t fail to amaze.  I was blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with them this season and among all their new releases one product stood out for me, their Rouge Artist Lipstick (Yes Lipstick, not Lipgloss parading as Lipstick) Palettes.  It’s not everyday that ergonomic, purse-friendly simplicity just meets the need and blows me away and oh, FYI, don’t you dare throw out this brush.


I picked up the Rouge Artist item for review at MAKE UP FOR EVER’s first Pop-Up Store at SM Aura.


Now the palette itself is quite obviously steep in price at Php2650 but what blew me away (on top of 5 RA shades side by side) was the makeup brush for this petite kit.  It’s a pro quality brush that you wouldn”t dare throw away, in fact, it’s the sort you’d want to separately sneak into your brush collection.  The texture of the lipsticks in the one I chose are creamy, you might want to try sticking these in the refrigerator overnight before your very first use (keep the box on the kit when you do) just to firm them up a bit, especially if you live in a warm area.  Don’t get the wrong impression, these aren’t melting, I just really rubbed the brush into the pans heavily so they look kinda messed up.  These palettes are a dream to have on-set, you see all the shades with one look.


MUFE asked which one of their 8 colorways I’d like to try, I chose palette #4, four different depths of nude plus a wearable hot pink, and right now I’m eyeing the other palette, a collection of rich reds and corals.  Now, what they’ve brilliantly done is teamed up shades of Rouge Artist lipsticks in 8 different combinations of 5 per palette.



Truth be spoken, who among us has completely finished a lipstick bullet in a month?  I thought so, nearly none.  We want shade options at our quick disposal but to own 5 lipsticks (unless you’re a makeup artist or beauty blogger) is actually a lot for many people out there.  There also those who can be content with 5 who might also happen to be space savers.  These pretty MUFE Rouge Artist palettes (Php2650) are practical, purse-friendly, and convenient to have with you especially when “days in” suddenly transform into “nights out.”  Follow @makeupforeverphilippines on Instagram and on

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  • Nice colors! I’ll choose the same color palette too. Hihi..

  • wow, these shades are gorgeous! Kinda expensive though 🙂