INGLOT Cosmetics Now at Glorietta 5 | Featuring Their Freedom System!

It’s no surprise that everyone’s been blasting this white hot topic, yes, INGLOT cosmetics is now in Manila!  First, I’d like to thank the INGLOT team for the trust and my fellow beauty blogger Martha Sta. Barbara aka The Beauty Junkee who is now also INGLOT’s Brand PR Consultant(you go, Girl!).  Thanks for the opportunity to feature these wonderful products!  INGLOT is a premium Polish cosmetic brand that exploded in popularity globally thanks to their professional formulas, mid-range pricing, their customizable palette system and hundreds of smooth colors  to choose from.  Their first flagship store launched in Glorietta 5, Makati yesterday.  I’ll get this out quickly, the first thing that I wasn’t quite aware of about INGLOT cosmetics was how affordable the individual pans of product are, and actually even the empty palettes (considering the quality) super good value.  That’s the first thing I wanted to mention because when you walk by an INGLOT store you get the impression that most of the products in there must be pretty expensive, well guess what, not all things are as they seem, however the system palettes themselves that hold the pans are the ones that are a bit pricier here than in the US (there system palettes are under Php1000, over here between Php1200-1400).  I’ll tell you right now, the pan products themselves though are still more affordable than I first perceived, perhaps this Christmas it would be best to put a system palette that you can fill up on your wishlist.


To properly showcase how we bloggers felt when we arrived at the INGLOT boutique and were requested to choose what we liked check out this photo of Project Vanity’s Liz Lanuzo and My Lucid Intervals’ lovely Donnarence, LOL.  In that moment I could completely and totally relate, where do we begin????  That and with Martha’s announcement that there was an Instagram contest with major freebies attached half of us nearly lost all orientation on what to do first LOL…I did my best not to :).


Currently eyeshadow pans are rolling out for a maximum price of Php375 each, (not bad given the quality and size) and blush pans for about Php700 each.  By the way, 95% of the products are manufactured in INGLOT’s very own factory in Poland (where you’re strictly required to cap your hair and suit up if you want to visit).  So no need to presume that they’re affordable because they’re manufactured somewhere else, they’re not, they’re nearly all homegrown.    I brought home a sizeable chunk of loot yesterday and am still pretty chuffed with the fact that I won the Instagram contest during the launch 🙂 but before that let’s talk about the palette they initially gave us, the Freedom EB (5s) palette.


These were the shades I chose prior to winning the larger 10 slot palette.  I didn’t go for “wearable neutrals” simply because I have so many neutral shades already.  To tame my excitement and get organized in selecting at the launch I went for a theme after writing down a short list of shades.  I decided to go for Peacock/bird of paradise colors, so this originally had gold instead of 450 a cranberry red, but hey, since it’s Christmas…I decided to go flip one for the season. By the way the palettes don’t come with numbers on them, I just numbered them with photo editing in case you were curious to know what shades I picked and also see the following combinations of palettes I made from my winnings.

Apart from taking home my complimentary smaller Freedom EB palette as a blogger for which I chose 3 eyeshadow shades and 1 blush  I also brought home my contest prize which was the 10-slot Freedom palette and it was pre-filled as a bonus!  Read more to check out all the different ways I shuffled up the shades and made different palette combinations, you’ll be able to sort of tell I ended up being like a kid with 2 new “Lego” sets.  If you want to have even more fun you can play the “I’ve got my own brand” game and give your palettes cool names, just like I did after the jump.   Click “more” to continue reading and check out the combinations I put together.

I feel like I won over 10 or more different palettes just because of the freedom to mix things up!  Here are some of the other combos I came up with using the contents of both palettes for the smaller palette (mainly eyeshadow and blush combinations).  A thin needle or pin can be inserted behind pan corners to lift and “depot”/transfer  them, just make sure you don’t stab your eyeshadow and best to cover with your other palm at a distance as a precaution while lifting with pin, you don’t want pans suddenly flying up and smashing to pieces.


I’m sure if more than half of you are the practical princesses I think you are you guys have already noticed a few things that could be cons, no mirror, and no room for a brush, hmm why?  All that leads me to share the fact that this is a makeup artists’ buddy palette system simply because we see the shades thru the cover and we can set it on the table snap the cover underneath (it does) and it stays put while we dig in.  You can even stack palettes one on top of the other and they’ll stick to keep your workspace looking minimalist.  Below, what I did is just an example, if you shake this hard this will slide of course and come apart, but at least stacked on a table they’ll stay together.


The palettes are magnetized so that pans automatically snap into place and so do the translucent covers.  Magnet-to-magnet power ensures a strong snap (be careful, fingertip skin can get caught in-between, the magnets are that strong) and to open slide cover sideways for easier use. And here they are, please excuse the irregular lighting, I did my best (there were swaying trees) beginning with my first set of shades, here come the combos!

Dawn of Eden
Queen of the Night
Sunset in the Jungle
Milk & Cookie Mahjong
Her Fanciful Fudge
Sassy Skyrockets in Flight
The Sodapoppe Gang
Pretty Patintero

Plus by the way, in case you were wondering about how they swatch…




Can you imagine? I made all these combinations just from the two palettes I brought home from the INGLOT event.  It’s said that the whole freedom inventory of INGLOT products can create up to a whopping 3,000,000,000,000 (trillion) combinations of palettes or something like that.  Other brands also have custom palettes, but these come already magnetized and the act of serious “depotting” practically doesn’t exist thanks to this system.  Check out INGLOTS spiffy new store at Glorietta 5 just after the Starbucks entrance and follow @inglotPH on Instagram :).

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  • You named them so well, the combinations are great. I’m staring at the palette and reading it over and over. Nice, clever, witty. I’d love to build the Pretty Patintero for myself. 🙂

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    Keep up the awesome work!!

    Steph xx

  • I love the names you came up with! 🙂

  • These are cute.. I got a palette from Dollface (which i absolutely love) but it occupies a lot of room in my bag. Simplified palettes can help you save room.

  • Wow! Love the combinations you made! Btw, I saw your entry on your IG for their contest and you deserve to win this palette! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the looks you’ll create with this 🙂

  • I LOVE that you made little combos using your shadows. 😀 Congratulations on winning!