My Christmas Wishlist 2013 | 5 Beauty & 5 Almost Non-beauty

Today, I wanted to do a post where I didn’t have to think too much, but this will still be somewhat lengthy because Hello, it’s a list and not of press stuff I received or purchases either.  This is pretty much the “One can dream…” point and pick party of items that appeal to me and am happy to recommend them for people with similar taste.  We’ve  trimmed down on the extravagance and labor that goes into Christmas parties this year or cut out our company Christmas parties altogether in respect of Storm Haiyan’s victims.  Most of us are aware and we’ve gladly done our share to help. That also means more people can focus more on gift giving.  Whenever I make this wishlist annually please know that I don’t shamelessly email it to family and friends okay?!  These are mostly available locally (don’t be mad if I throw in a few aspirational gifts) and I’ll do the fair mix of high and low for you.  Mmm, I’ll make this a list of 5 beauty and 5 nearly non-beauty buys for the sake of variety…I’ll even throw in one or two things you can eat. Let us begin.  For fun, I’ll alternate the beauty and non-beauty bits.  This post is going to turn into

1.) INGLOT Single Eyeshadow– I’ve got the palettes you place them in, so surprise me with any single eyeshadow shade from a huge array of colors to choose from at their store.  They come dinky and boxed…the size of candy.  (Php375 from the INGLOT boutique at Glorietta 5)




2.) Canon EOS 700D Entry level DSLR – From tiny gift to big gift we go, the reason why I’ve got my eyes set on this is I’ve never owned a DSLR ever and this is a lower level camera than the 60D, also costs less than that 100D one AND it’s a newer release than the 600D.  The 600D was the entry level DSLR of 2-3 years ago, this is the next step up.  I like that unlike the 650D it has a varicam angle flip screen which is a blogger’s blessing if you want to check what the scene looks like while shooting yourself. I’m also very much in need of a DSLR for decent true to life before and after photos of my makeup clients.


3.) Bloom Eye Brow Duo (Brow Gel & Pencil) – Now, I’m not sure if Beauty Bar stocks all of Bloom’s latest products (or if they still stock Bloom at all, shame on me, I’ll confirm), but this is what’s on the Bloom website.  My cousin’s wife, Sam, loves their automatic brow pencils and while I’m not sure that this is the same one, this is what got me interested from the site, one end is a brow gel, the other is a brow definer.  Just know that Sam and I know brows and according to her Bloom’s brow stuff is better than good.  READ MORE to see all 10 on my wishlist…click “more”.

4.) The Yulo’s Strawberry Shortcake (photo link: – In my wildest imagination of strawberry fields forever nothing compares to this tall shortcake.  It is absolutely delectable, not too sweet or rich, just…fresh, fruity, spongy, creamy and right and if you love berries or strawberries, you gotta have this cake and eat it, too.  Try this landline number to order and see if you still can ‘coz frankly this is the most difficult time of the year to squeeze in an order, Address: PICK-UP is at 19 Kawayan St., North Forbes, Makati City, Contact Numbers: 810-8078, 812-4961, Bestseller: Strawberry Shortcake (P1,500) THEY DON’T DELIVER.



5.) Maybelline Color Show Brocades in “Knitted Gold” UK/ “Gilded Rose” US – I first saw Estee of EssieButton on YouTube in this video here wearing this over here and I was like “I need me some o’ that sparkle-y…”  it’s different than normal glitter, and it is ALSO different from that Deborah Lippmann glitter as you can see from the screenshot of Estee’s hand, she layered it over BarryM Jelly polish in Lychee.  It’s just gorgeous and for around $4 from practically any US drugstore, too.  I’m pretty sure we don’t have this collection here.  Maybelline, just swat me with a foam mallet if I’m being an uninformed blogger.


6.) ISAW (Filipino barbecued meat innards/intestine/offal, pork or chicken, photo: – I don’t care if you disagree with me, but if anyone hands me a hefty bouquet of these somewhat unhealthy, tasty twisty bits of offal or pork or chicken innards speared by sticks and jammed into a cup of spicy vinegar…that person will have hit an unlikely soft spot of mine.  Isaw is sort of like the Philippine street version of Yakitori.  The only orange version I trust is the one from the stand within my alma mater U.P. Diliman.  While isaw is a regular delicacy for many I only have it once or twice a year.  That’s because depending on where you source it from there’s a moderate risk for food poisoning if you don’t make sure you know who prepares it.  Whenever it’s there though, I get weak in the knees and nearly can’t resist.

dip-178_1z7.) Diptyque Holiday 2013 Ltd. Edition Candle in “Pine Bark” – How dare you, Julia, line up a Diptyque candle beside isaw?!  I smelt this forest-in-a-flame in Rustan’s and was immediately transported to what Baguio was like once upon a time, but I couldn’t land that much money on myself just for a candle of this size (nearly Php4000…for 6.5 oz, eeps).  If money were no object I’d be jolly to receive this, but I’d tell everyone not to get it locally LOL it is way too overpriced.  So why would I want it?  I want my room to smell like a REAL forest, that’s why.


8.) Malory Towers by Enid Blyton, Complete Hardbound Set (Books 1-6, Dean Hardbound 1990 edition) – If you can find the whole set IN THIS EDITION for me I will hug you to pieces.  I have 1 or 2 of them lying around somewhere here, but the rest went missing when we moved houses 3 times.  I didn’t have any siblings until I was 13 and I grew up not with the kids at Hogwarts but with the girls of Malory Towers.  There are 6 books in total and all the new covers that were published after this awesome 1990s Dean Hardbackedition are ugly, distastefully cartoon-y and they don’t represent the brilliant Malory Towers boarding school girls for me at all.  It’s a feat to find this edition online, I tried on ebay but they only come from separate sellers and aren’t complete.

9.) Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer (Light shade) – This is all Lisa Eldridge’s fault, the Breathable Tinted Primer is not available here (think like New York and L.A.) and it’s seriously expensive, but when I saw how it worked in a subtle, sheer-ly radiant but obvious way on her face even before she applied concealer…I knew that one day I would really have to try this wonder fluid.  Sunday Riley is a brand known for its strong backbone in the realm of skincare, so any makeup that’s part of the range has soothing, skin-benefiting cosmetic formulations behind it.  To watch the video that got me thinking about this often go here to this link where Lisa demonstrates the fall look she did for the Alice Temperley show.

10.) MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Brush Collection (NEW) – I’ve kind of cheated for the last entry, because I was trying very hard to come up with something that was non-beauty and nothing sparked.  Well, to be kinda fair, they’re not cosmetic products, they’re cosmetic tools.  You’re not even looking at the complete collection here, this is mostly the facial brush group with a couple of the eye detailing brushes.  They’re dark wood and absolutely gorgeous, they’re expensive but for a reason, many hands were part of the process to complete this beautiful collection.  These should be available early 2014 once the MUFE boutiques have launched locally.

“MAKE UP FOR EVER proudly announces a revolution in brushes with the introduction of seventy-six cutting-edge brushes, the most expansive luxury brush collection available today.  This extensive set ranges from everyday ‘must-haves’ to highly customized tools to create the most intricate artistic effects. Notorious for its high performance, quality products, MAKE UP FOR EVER employed the most advanced technology to ensure the tools met professional standards with consumer appeal. Dany Sanz perfected each and every brush throughout a five year process that involved testing a variety of synthetic fibers that mimic the silky softness of natural hair. She consulted with renowned brush manufacturer Raphaël on the island of Mauritius to create specialized brushes that require unparalleled craftsmanship. The construction of each brush involved 25 unique stages, and was hand-crafted by a total of 30 people from start to finish.” – detailed info from

I hope you enjoyed this lovely group of 10 I’ve put together.  These are random items that delight me and get me quite excited and I wanted to share them with you.  Which is pulling you in among these 10?

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  • The DSLR and Brushes are <3!!!

  • I didn’t expect you’d include isaw here. 🙂 It’s funny the way you said “how you lined up the dyptique candle beside isaw” haha! 🙂 Anyways, I like the DSLR and brushes and isaw..I’ve never had DSLR and I’ve been wanting to have makeup brushes. I ate isaw few times a year since last year with my bf (dati,when I was still single,haha! once or never talaga because of its bad effects), but with my condition now, I can’t eat that much anymore..that’s why I want it too.. 🙂 oh i almost forgot! I’d also love to dig into that strawbery shortcake. 🙂 you have a good wishlist here Ms. Julia. 🙂 thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Isaw for the win!!

  • I like the DSLR and of courseISAW!!!! I can’t wait to go to our province because we have a trusted seller of isaw there! yum yum! 🙂