My Nationwide Christmas Giveaway 2013 | Until Dec. 26, 2013

It’s gift giving time!  First, I’d like to thank the many brands that have supported my blog this year (there are lots of new ones) and also the brands that have been there since the beginning.  This has certainly been the blog’s biggest year ever now that I’ve collaborated with brands that I would never have imagined working with a few years back.  I’ve been given huge opportunities and have been blessed with so much!  It’s definitely that time of the year to give back with gusto!


However my biggest thank you goes out to all of you who’ve been reading this blog, I’ve even just discovered that there are some of you who’ve been reading this blog since 2010?!  That’s like totally cray (lol, ‘di bagay).   Well this one’s for you and to join you simply have to follow the steps via the Rafflecopter widget at the end of the post.  Please understand that I’ll do my best to send out the whole package before New Year, but if that doesn’t work the winner will receive the prize in January 2014.  However, before that, let’s go through the loot first, shall we?  Read more to see the individual prizes up close.

Some of you may have missed these Clinique bonus goodies last fall, we’ll here’s your chance to get them.


Clinique Bonus Can – Deluxe Mini Samples of: Moisture Surge Face Spray, Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser, All ABout Eyes Eye Cream, Moisture Surge Intense Cream, Lash Power Mascara



Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Smooth and Brighten Emulsion – It’s a pleasant smelling radiance boosting facial emulsion that imparts a soft glow with micro-fine pearl powder, melanin inhibitors that fight the appearance of dark spots, and at the same time hydrates and nourishes with glycerin and fruit extracts.  I tested one pump on one side of my face and my skin did not react negatively in fact it feels plump and hydrated.


 Benefit’s Whole Lotta Lovin’ Holiday Glam Kit is a seasonal rave, which I’ve reviewed over here!  You’ve got a kit with a mini mascara, 3 long-wear eyeshadows, a concealer, a cream eyeshadow, and a bit of Benefit Hoola for contouring!  Plus I’ve thrown in a full size of Benefit’s They’re Real lengthening mascara 🙂


This  luxury BB cream by Shiseido, the Perfect Hydrating BB Cream, was featured on Into the Gloss when it was first launched into the BB market.  Someone in the ITG office popped it on and got the “Aren’t you looking radiant today…” compliment thrown her way.  I’ve tried it, it’s light, not sticky and instant comfort for your skin.  I’m giving away the medium shade (good enough for MAC NC35 girls) which is half a shade dark for me now but perfect for me in the summertime.


This lovely pouch by Pinay cosmetic brand, Happy Skin, sold out within a week or something when it came out as a gift with purchase.  Yes, you may have mine, and I’m not giving it to you empty.  You’ll also get a brand new tube of Happy Skin’s highly acclaimed Second Skin Creme (Silicone-Free foundation which I shall review soon), the shade I’m giving away is 1 Soft beige (fine for MAC NC30 shade girls), and the Shut Up & Kiss Me lippie in Summer Fling, my favorite peachy pink shade.  Yes I’m on point with the upcoming seasons, ladieezz.


We’ll be greeting and kissing lots of people this season, so we might as well be minty fresh.  What better mouthwash to use in the new year than OraCare’s Merrymint flavored mouthwash?  You’ll get fresh breath sans the sting!


Sometimes you just want a black eyeliner you can rely on, one that’s black and really smudge-proof.  Benefit’s Bad Gal Waterproof liner is your ticket to intense.


Many of us can do without dozens of shades to work with and sometimes a great neutral quad is all you need to glam up and go, the Make Up Factory eyeshadow quad in colorway #7 will certain give your yes a bit of “oomph” for the day without going overboard.


Last but not the least, when this festive fiasco of dinners, late parties, and gift giving is done many of us will be tired beyond imagination.  Our eyes will be screaming for a pick-me-up like this.  Olay Regenerist have come out with an eye cream and nourishing lash serum in one great product.  You have the tube of eye cream for your lids at one end and the lash serum at the other end.  The eye cream comes detached so you have to attach it like so as seen in the photo.


ONE (1) Winner will receive all these products as a complete package prize, please proceed to the Rafflecopter widget below to join by completing the 3 required steps.

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My Christmas Wishlist 2013 | 5 Beauty & 5 Almost Non-beauty
  • A few years ago, my little sister wrote a letter to Santa and,instead of asking for toys, she asked for “world peace”. The entire family was baffled as to how we’d be able to get “Santa” to give her world peace. My little sister theorized that world peace is hard to achieve because there are people with so little all over the world. So we prepared pack lunches and went around Zamboanga giving them out to street children. It was so much fun.:)

  • I remember when I was 6 years old, i wished for BABY G watch kay santa. So we went to my Grandmother’s house and had our Noche Buena. I was so excited to come home and saddened to find out that Santa gave me a watch ring instead. HAHAHAHA!

  • This Christmas is bittersweet for us as it’s the first where my husband’s dad won’t be with us anymore (and he loved Christmas big time) but also exhilarating because our baby is almost two and can now really appreciate all things Christmas.

  • I wish that I can go back to the time that we are complete in Christmas time. Since I was in elementary and until now I remembered celebrating without my dad every Christmas cuz he is working abroad. Then now, my brother is also working in abroad nadin. Unti unti na kming nagkakahiwalay 🙁 I wish this Christmas or maybe next year’s Christmas we can celebrate all together. 🙂

  • We have a new family member last December, our baby boy! We were very delighted in celebrating Christmas on four locations in a span of 1 week. 🙂

  • I remembered nung 14yrs old ako Pinapasabit ko ng medyas ung mga kapitbahay namin na bata sa labas ng pinto nila tas gigising kami ng sister ko ng maaga para lagyan ng mga candies ung medyas nila.Sobrang simple lang pero sobrang sasaya na nila.. At saka syempre na ngangaroling kami nun. =)

  • I still remember when I was a child, we used to hang our socks with our doors and my mom and dad put some fruits/money/candies in it and then one xmas eve i asked them if santa really put this things on they told me its santa then after that I wasn’t able to sleep that night and wait for santa but then i saw my mom and dad laughing while putting something in our socks then I realized that the real santa is no other than our parents HAHAHAHAHA

  • PS
    its JESSAMER ABING, not jessiemer she’s my sister.

  • I remember when I was very young- maybe 7 or 8- I got an electric piano for christmas! I was so excited, because I wanted to learn how to play, and I sang, and it was good to practice with. When I opened it up I nearly died I was so excited and even though it clearly said from: SANTA on it, I just yelled “thank you mom and da….I mean SANTA!” hahah. Ooops, that was the last year I got a present from santa 😉

  • It’s a bit embarrassing to admit that I only discovered the joys of makeup in my 50’s. But I must say it gave me so much thrill to discover these things when i started reading your blog. Now I read quite a few but always coming back to this blog where I discovered that makeup, though skin deep, can be a source of motivation and excitement. I need this little things to distract me from the day to day demands of life. Keep on writing, I am sure i am not the only one inspired by what we read and subsequently, discover within in ourselves

  • I remember back when i was a kid, i thought santa would crawl in my bedroom window and give me gifts. That was until i woke up one time and saw my mom carrying them into my room.. 🙁 🙂

  • This is my comment for the giveaway. Several Christmases ago at a party, I was tasked to hand down cash prices to honorees. The amount is not the same for everyone. Immediately before I was to hand down the envelope to the next person, an honoree beside me, who already received his cash gift, handled me his envelop to hold as he is to make a presentation right after the next event. To my confusion, I forgot which envelop I should hand down to the person on stage! To make the story short, I had to ask the honoree to open the envelop, count the money before I could give it to him. I think I embarrassed not only myself but the honoree himself 🙁

  • The best gift Ive ever received is the gift of friendship.Me and my bestie got acquainted again on Christmas day after years of not speaking with each other.
    Since then,our relationship deepen and I became her bridesmaid and godmother of her eldest.

  • Back when i was a kid im always excited about Christmas. What im excited is when namamasko pa kami, paramihan kami ng mga napasmakuhan ng mga pinsan ko lol

  • the most memorable christmas was when my husband retired from the army, we were able to celebrate the holidays with our kids and their families together and had our grand reunion last 2011

  • Last year we have a family dance presentation in our annual Xmas reunion and i was so nervous when were dancing most of my relatives is laughing i realize that i”m dancing wearing magkaibang sapatos:) i feel so embarrassed but as they say show must go on atleast napasaya ko lalo sila…Merry Christmas to all!

  • Hello Miss Julia! I visited Lisa Eldridge’s blog and I saw you won her giveaway! I was so sure it was you. You’re really good (wait, amazing is the better word). Thanks for inspiring me 🙂

  • My best memory is when my family baked Christmas cookies together. We then sat down to watch an old Christmas film while drinking warm chocolate 🙂

  • My Christmas is already merry with my newborn son, Alonso, but it would certainly be merrier if i get to have this giveaway. Beautiful surprise for a first-time mom indeed.

  • I remember when I was in grade school, I sell all those gifts coming from my Aunt. It’s not because I don’t like those gifts, but because I love the feeling of selling your stuff to others. My Aunt got mad at me, because of course it was her gift for me. I also remember way back a long long time ago, I went to my God Parent’s house I was accompanied then by my cousin, my Ninang gave me a gift while my cousin received an apple. I still remember how priceless her reaction was. She was so upset that she just received an apple. 🙂

  • Aside from the best of health for my family, I hope that Mom and Dad would reconcile. They haven’t spoken for many years now. I didn’t ask for them to get back together coz that would be impossible. I just want them to be civil with each other for the sake of us, their kids. It has been my Christmas (or birthday) wish since they got separated. I’m always looking forward for this miracle to happen.

  • Back when I was young, I never get the chance to spend christmas with my wholw family, Finally, when I reached 6th grade, my mom and brothers went to my Lola’s house where I was living , and then surprised me. I felt joy until she suddenly said “Tara nak, gutom na kami, haba ng byahe.” ahahaha. :))

  • Every Christmas we taught our little boy about the spirit of giving. And ever since if he got old toys we donate it to the less fortunate kids and it makes him happy. And this will be a tradition every Christmas. 🙂

  • The most memorable Christmas I had was during 2009 and 2010 when I opted to work rather than stay at home alone and cry, and it was the most heartbreaking season to celebrate afar from my family. White Christmas is unforgettable but Paskong Pinas is the best eversince I was born. So every Christmas is really a gathering, a celebration of being one and togetherness, and the funny part, all leftovers were kept frozen for my birthday on the next day (26th).

  • I hope I get to spend Christmas with my family who’s in the province while I’m staying here in Manila for work. I already miss those times when I would help my mom cook, watch tv with my dad and talk with my sibs.

  • My most memorable Christmas was the Christmas before the year my Dad passed away. He was confined to a wheelchair but he didn’t mind sitting with us around the Noche Buena table. It just goes to show how much he loves us, sickness and all. That was four Christmases ago and it still brings tears to my eyes.

  • When I was able to have my first salary and bought gifts to my family and friends

  • amazingg! hope i win 🙂 merry christmas julia!

  • Favorite Christmas is when we still have mom. Since before, she make sure we feel Christmas in our house even if we don’t have that money to spend for decorations by using scrap and recycled materials. She never forget to give us, her four daughters an equal gift to open. Love of mom is priceless.

  • We have a tradition at home to give funny gifts to everyone. I received a live spider & a spoon. Everyone is freaking out when I opened mine. T’was so funny.

  • My favorite Christmas moment was probably when I was 7 or 8 years old. I loved Barbies then, so imagine how delighted I was when I unwrapped a pink Barbie RV from “Santa”!

  • Christmas 2013 is the very first Christmas I am not spending at my Parents’ house. This year, hubby and I decided to celebrate Christmas at home with our two boys. I will never forget the expression on my Son’s face while he uttered “Ooohhh MMyyy Gaaaad!” several times when we surprised him with a Sony PlayStation 3 as his Christmas Present. Priceless! ^_^