Early Christmas Gift from Lisa Eldridge | Being chosen is the best gift of all…

I woke up with my eyes still stuck together.  They burst open when I peeked at celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge’s post on her website announcing her My Lisa Look contest winners and saw my face, my actual face, posted on there!!  I won 3rd place in her My Lisa Look global IG contest (here at this link)! And she even described what she thought of my look and why she chose it! *Thud*


“Third place goes to Julia, who was inspired by my ‘Baby Bardot Fresh Spring Makeup‘  The finished look is just so fresh and suits her face and personality so well – of course I dont actually know her but I can sort of feel her personality through the sparkle in her eyes in the picture … if you know what I mean. Well done Julia, I love your make-up!” – LISA ELDRIDGE

mylisalook_01One girl from her team just emailed me a few minutes ago asking for my details so they could send out my prize by New Year.  I brightened the photo up for you guys, it won without me doing so but I wanted it brighter for the blog.  I really, really don’t care as much about the prize as much as the fact that Lisa actually looked at my artistry and approved and thought she saw “sparkle” in me.  Lisa looked at me and she actually liked what she saw.  That made me sparkle more today :D.  It’s like the best God-given early Christmas gift.  I can’t imagine asking for more this year.



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  • wow! congrats! An early Christmas gift indeed!

    P.S. I love the snow falling in your page! I always wait for it to fall before I start reading the posts. hihi

  • What an awesome gift! Hurray to you, Julia! Merry Christmas! 🙂

  • Congratulations! That was a really lovely look 🙂 I think Lisa was also very sweet in choosing someone whose artistry she saw improved over time and practice.

  • You really deserved the win. Merry Christmas! I hope you post what Lisa sent. So curious about it 🙂

  • Wow! Congrats Ms. Julia! That was really a fresh look. 🙂

  • Ms Julia, congratulations!!!!! Well deserved. Celebrating with you in spirit. 😀

  • Congrats Ms. Julia! Merry Christmas! 🙂

  • Oh my! Congratulations! We dont know each other, I’m just a regular reader of your blog but I feel so proud for you! I’m also a big fan if Lisa, it must be such a thrill to be admired by her!

  • Congrats, Ms. Julia. I thought MUA’s and experts like you don’t join contests or stuff like those. It made me admire you more. Please post your prize!!!:)

  • Congratulations! The look does look fresh and radiant!