Stylash Mink Lash Extensions 50% Off ‘Til Jan.15 | AND their SM BF Branch Opens Today

I looked outside and told myself today “I’m staying in…” then I saw an IG photo of my blogger friend,  “Reluctant Stylista”, Alex V. Lapa (who professionally styles my cousin KC Concepcion), in her newly done Stylash mink lash extensions and told myself “I’m going out, I’m going out!” LOL.  Seriously, I’m heading out later to get these “lashlettes” done before the 2014 countdown, especially since Stylash  got a 50% markdown offer on lash services until January 15 (that’s Php800 from Php1600).


I’ve chatted with and interviewed Alex aka Reluctant Stylista online and she said what she had done is the Natural C-shape and the service took 1.5 hours to get done BUT these mink lashes, if you’re extra careful around the eye area for the period of having them, can last for up to a whole month and about two to three weeks for girls who accidentally rub their eyes or aren’t as careful.


“It should’ve stung nga daw a bit pero for some reason that didn’t happen to me (during application)… when I went to bed that night, I was tearing up. Usually that happens when I sleep with something like mascara on.” – ALEX LAPA

What’s awesome about these is you don’t even need eyeliner to conceal them.  The only cosmetic reaction Alex got the day she had them applied was later on in the evening she told me she was tearing up just for awhile.  So I’m not sure I can recommend this for girls with sensitive eyes, especially for those of you who don’t like mascara or even pencil eyeliner that makes you tear up this service may not be for you.  Girls who love having false lashes applied though  or have tried a lash extensions service like for example “i-lash” without any problems should give these a go even just for the New Year!  If you have it done now you can reapply before the promo finishes!  Stylash offer different shapes and I certainly want to go for the “FIERCE” flared shape to lift my droopy eyes.  The GLAM shape looks like a great showstopping celebrity style.


I will have a follow up review of my own as soon as I have them done and then a conclusive interview after about 2-3 weeks.  Just decided to let you guys know about the promo now since it’s on until January 15, 2014!  Lots of celebrities abroad have been into mink lashes for awhile.  They’re the softest, most wispy, natural looking lashes in the market that are a “level up” from human lashes and the many ways they source them are cruelty-free, minks have a period of natural shedding and they can also be brushed (will double-double check of course in Stylash’s case, I will get to the bottom of that).  The only mink lashes I’ve ever mentioned here on the site in the past are those lovely certified cruely-free Velour rtw lash sets you just can’t get readily available here (without losing an arm or a leg).  Stylash’s new southern SM BF outlet is OPENING TODAY and Stylash also has an outlet counter at Landmark, Makati, and a Quezon City branch.  For inquiries their mobile contact numbers are 0917.6685042 / 0918.5918694 and they’re on Instagram @stylashmanila and on

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