British Boys in Beards | No Blush Required


“Beard-ly” beloved we are gathered “hair” today…

CLOCKWISE: Henry Cavill (Man of Steel), Prince William, Tom Hardy (Bane, The Dark Knight Rises, Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC Sherlock)

This isn’t to say I only like guys with facial fuzz, it’s just to show that in spite of the guaranteed cheek-to-cheek itch it is quite a dashing, rustic change for some of them. Like, I happen to think that that is the most handsome photo of Benedict Cumberbatch I have ever seen but he must’ve been only 28-30ish in that photo. He’s 37 now and busy being big since his Hollywood debut as a villain in Star Trek following the sharp success of the BBC series, Sherlock. BC should give this look another go soon. Henry Cavill knocked out Prince Harry’s spot simply because he’s faster than a speeding bullet. It slipped my mind that Henry was British, thanks to Bea of the Dalaga Project for reminding me. Which male celebrities or famous personalities do you prefer with facial hair on?

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  • Henry Cavill looks more gorgeous with the beard! I like Robert Pattinson with a baby beard… Ryan Gosling too!

  • I just died by how Tom Hardy looked at the camera! gah!

  • Chenne

    Hi, Julia! I know it’s kinda late commenting on this but I was back-reading some of your posts when I chanced upon HC’s picture… hmm, he’s dreamy. Anyway, another male celebrity which I find charming with facial hair on is Gary Oldman, especially around the time when he did Bram Stoker’s Dracula and The Scarlet Letter. =)