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Before the Blog Fast | Jessica Chastain for Disney’s BRAVE

I’m going for a one week blog and YouTube fast but I thought I’d let you guys know instead of just disappearing. I’ll still be shooting and collecting content (as well as preparing my Valentine giveaway items) so as far as the wait goes you’re still in for a treat. I thought I’d leave you with something breathtaking. Jessica Chastain’s Disney dream portrait as Merida from “Brave”. Makeup by Kristofer Buckle, shot by Annie Leibovitz.


  • Breathtaking indeed! Oh, I’m gonna miss reading your posts… Btw, Happy New Yeat Julia! πŸ™‚

  • I’m going to miss your post, Ms. Julia!;) Have a great week off!:)

  • One week of no Julia? ='( But have a nice quiet week! Have a perfect cuddle with Cloud shot on Instagram hopefully!

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