NEW Nivea Protect & Bronze Sun Spray | Get Safely Sunkissed for Php599

As you probably already know from Instagram (@blessmybag) I’ve just returned from a press junket at Palawan where NIVEA PH revealed the new product that’s bound to rock our summer boat.  NIVEA is a world market leader in affordable sun protection formulas that are good for the skin.  They’ve also been around 120 years so there are no buts about how established these guys are.  Another thing that I didn’t happen to know is that NIVEA actually invented the SPF system standard.  They do up-to-date research coupled with frequent safe testing on human volunteers (using the back of the hand) to ensure the quality of their products.  Way before I ever became a beauty blogger NIVEA was in our bathroom and yes, mostly in the form of sunscreen for my baked brother who is currently one of the country’s best teenage football players.  They’ve brought in a special spray lotion product for summer this year that aims to jumpstart a healthy, natural tan without “fake tanning” you and more importantly does it with sun protection.  They’ve had the regular Protect & Bronze lotion before but now you can spray on this light lotion. This product is actually the solution to my dilemma as someone fair-skinned.  I’d like to tan but I hate having to choose between tanning oil and sunscreen or combining them in doubt that I’ll ever get properly sunkissed.  This product boosts your own tan while protecting you, plus it smells nice, not annoying.  Interesting, noh?

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“Protect & Bronze sun spray combines immediate protection with a natural looking tan. *The formula contains a natural plant extract which helps support skin’s own melanin production (in-vitro). Use regularly for an even and natural looking tan. Contains no self tan.” PRICE: Php599.00 for 200ml, available in leading groceries, department stores, or pharmacies that sell Nivea skincare.  NIVEA PH site shows they also have the SPF10, 20, 30 and spf 50 but that’s depending on availability I guess.

(At the press launch we were given SPF 20 which is still safe even if it isn’t as high as 50 as long as you frequently reapply and layer it on like I did, I didn’t burn but just take note it isn’t summer yet.  )

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LAGEN ISLAND, PALAWAN <Email: / Direct Landline: (632) 7503957>

Truthfully, two days in Palawan is not enough time for someone as fair as me to get a full on medium-well tan that will last (someone like me needs over a week at the beach).  What I liked about NIVEA Protect & Bronze is without using tint I managed to generate a healthy sunkissed glow within the first few hours.   I also applied every 2-3 hours to stay protected and to help build my tone.  What it does initially if you don’t have as many days at the beach is it takes the edge off pale skin and encourages your skin with a botanical extract to develop a well-rounded natural tan, no tints or harsh chemicals.  I actually somehow saw a subtle difference within minutes from applying it indoors even before heading out into the sun.  I’m nowhere near tan at the moment, but I’m not a sickly pale shade anymore either (bathing suit provided by Roxy PH).


Disclosure: I had to adjust this photo’s brightness and hue from the camera shot to properly match the actual sunkissed me in real life, mobile phone photos tend to need some help in capturing real life color sometimes.  Please be assured that my skintone in the photo is properly exhibited, also don’t mind the shadows from the coconut trees overhead.

The lower SPF variants of Nivea Protect & Bronze like 20 and 10 are actually great for outdoor brides who don’t want to look pasty on their wedding day and want an overall healthy glow.  P.S. I do NOT have a tummy ache lol, I just really don’t know how to pose.

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By the way, I personally asked one of NIVEA’s global bosses if it is safe enough for the face because the instructions that say “Don’t spray on face” might confuse you.  The formula IS SAFE for the face, you’re just not supposed to spray the product directly from the bottle onto your face to avoid getting it into your eyes.  Spritzing it onto your hands and applying on the face is the correct way to do it.  You can develop a deeper tan with this given you’ve got more time under the sun.  NIVEA Protect & Bronze Sun Spray is available for Php599.00 in leading local department stores, groceries, and selected pharmacies/beauty floors.

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