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Summer’s suddenly got its foot in the door, wow.  All so suddenly while we were all delightfully cozy last week the climate shot up nearly 10°C from two weeks ago.  I’m reacting based on the temperature here in Laguna which back then was hanging at 20°C most nights and is now nearly 30°C in the daytime.  This post was supposed to be for the middle of the month but given the sudden temp jump it looks like some people might be planning beach trips earlier.  Anyway, it would be great for you guys to grab your summer stuff during the current string of sales out there.  I’ll be doing kind of a short series of collective edits because I know not everyone will be heading to the beach, so there will be an Urban City Summer Edit waiting in the wings shortly after this.  By the way this edit won’t include pricing sorry a few of the items I don’t have the price for, but I will mention why I like them.  I was in Palawan for an event recently and have decided to show you what I had with me.  Consider these for your next beach trip, they served me well. “Yoohoo! Big summer Blowout!”

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NIVEA Moisturising Immediate Sun Protection for Face SPF50 PA++ – While most of NIVEA’s sunscreens can be for both face and body they’ve specially formulated a more hydrating one for the face to combat dryness and provide some sun relief.  I love that NIVEA sunscreens never break me out and make the skin feel more nice than sticky.

NIVEA Protect and Bronze SPF20 Medium protection – No need to feel torn between tanning and protecting your skin, get the best natural tan and protection from Nivea’s new Protect and Bronze sun spray!

REVLON Photoready Bronzer Compact (Matte)– If you’ve been yearning for a Guerlain Terracotta compact but just can’t allow it to kill your budget the only way to get that for a way more reasonable price is to be invited to a warehouse sale OR you can opt for this drugstore dupe by Revlon which I think seriously comes pretty close sans the luxe fragrance and some luminosity.  This matte bronzer ticks the boxes that matter.  It’s got a cute embossed coral design and it’s an encircled quad of appropriately warm matte browns which you can swirl together to bronze or contour as you see fit.  As I like to use it, use the upper half or lower half depending on how light or dark you’d like to go, especially for evenings at the beach.  Plus it’s got a mirror and is affordable with no obvious fall out…did I mention you can use them as eyeshadows? Win.

BENEFIT COSMETICS Cha Cha Tint Lip & Cheek stain – Honestly when I’m at the beach and I want a headstart on rosy cheeks cheek stains will last longer and you can use fingers.  If you want to blend it in better without staining your cheeks with dots  (Cha Cha tint sometimes dries way too quickly, even before you can say “blend”) mix a couple drops of your cheek tint with a couple drops of your sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, or whatever base is already on your face.  Then apply the mix on the apples of your cheeks in a circle motion.  You won’t have to worry about rushing to blend it before it stains if you mix the tint with your base between your fingers.


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NIVEA Immediate Sun Protection for Body SPF50PA++ – Straightforward reliable sun protection that’s good for the skin, also suitable for face.  My brother relies on this variant as an active football player.  I forgot to include Nivea’s After Sun spray with Aloe vera in the photo, but just know that I had it with me.

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Pen –  Water and sweat resistant, enhances brows naturally and the pen applicator means you don’t need a separate brush as you would with brow powder, plus it’s pretty much the drugstore dupe for the SUQQU pen Lisa Eldridge loves.  Makeup artist Xeng Zulueta uses this as well.  Sold.

Nature Republic Botanical Mandarin BB Cream – Basically my dupe for Bourjois Healthy Mix but with a moderate level of SPF35 PA++.  Just love this, even the light fruity scent, also even if it is in only one shade, my shade (#23, match for MAC NC30) Review here.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey – This gives that “bit-my-lip” effect even before you’ve pulled an all-day one on shore.  Hundreds of models have this in their handbags as that off-duty lip shade for all seasons.

Bobbi Brown Lipgloss in #9 “Pink Sugar” – I’ve rekindled my love for lipgloss thanks to this.  I was seriously not a lipgloss person for awhile.  It has a certain level of stickiness that isn’t a hassle, plus after a meal my lips still have that sheen and the understated shimmer doesn’t migrate across my face. It’s nice when lips catch the light on beach nights.

Hurraw Cold Pressed Vegan Lip Balm in “Earl Grey” – When will this NOT be in a favorites post?  Hurraw balms have really become my staple lip balm.  They hydrate and comfort lips naturally and have flavors you can believe in.  They’re actually on sale right now at Taste Central here, but you can also inquire at

Absynthe PH Pure Argan Oil – More or less the only hair product I brought apart from shampoo.  I love that their pure argan oil  nourishes hair, adds healthy shine and keeps ends well-behaved plus it comes in a portable size that’s easy to bring! You can purchase Absynthe beauty products from their FB page here.

Huiles & Baumes SOS Balm – Being at the beach always requires some sort of all-purpose salve for sudden abrasions, nicks, scrapes or first degree burns.  I brought along my 95% organic SOS balm which reportedly is an ever-ready Mommy Angelina Jolie handbag staple (was given this by the Taste Central team, but unfortunately it isn’t on their site anymore).  Good as an after-sun salve for lips and broken skin around the nasal area after a cold as well as the random booboo (for open wounds prioritize triple antibiotic ointment like Terramycin or Neosporin).

NIVEA Invisible 48h Spray Antiperspirant & Deodorant – This product has made me a serious spray deo convert, no more bits in my pits and no stains on my clothes and that’s that, I’ve repurchased this once and am glad NIVEA supplied me with another one.

Last but definitely not the least, ALL TERRAIN Herbal Armor Deet-Free Insect Repellent (Healthy Options) – There are TONS of herbal  insect repellents that claim to be DEET free and “gentle” on children and they are but at the expense of packing a punch in terms of protection.  This one works for me and I’m usually attractive insect bait, it’s available from Healthy Options.  This is PROVEN effective and was even recognized by National Geographic Adventure…and those guys are outside like all the time.  It says tested and “100% effective for first 2 hours from application, and 95.8% effective for the next 3 hours.”  Now that’s specific.  I remember standing in line as entourage at a garden wedding in a cocktail dress last month.  People were swatting away at their legs and I literally couldn’t be bothered.



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  • thanks for sharing your summer essentials! That Nivea Protect and Bronze is interesting! I’m gonna try that when I hit the beach! 🙂

  • Arielle

    Thanks for this post! I like your recommendations for the sunscreens since I’ve been looking for good ones that really last. I gotta ask though, are the face sunscreens you’ve listed good for oily/combo skin? I don’t like the shiny look most sunscreens give when I wear them 🙁