REVLON PhotoReady Bronzer |Matte and Long-Wearing Drugstore Delight

When Revlon met with me and handed me this delightful drugstore bronzer I looked it over and thought “Finally, finally…a MATTE mid-range priced one and it’s the right sort of terracotta shade”.

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REVLON Photoready Bronzer is on the Revlon website however the U.S. site has no info posted on it (strange), but it’s there.  It comes in  one colorway “100 Bronzed & Chic”  It retails at about $10.00 in Walgreens, but over here there’s an obvious “hike” at Php975.00.


I still have to understand why it’s practically double the price over here, but it’s certainly the best drugstore bronzer I’ve spotted so far.  I’ve exaggerated the intensity of the application so that you see the true tone of it…I’d probably wear it slightly lighter.  It can basically act as contour or like a “blonzer” for oriental skin, a good all-around shader.  It hugely reminds me of Guerlain’s 4 Seasons Terracotta compact bronzer.  Read “more” to get the full review, see swatches and photos in non-direct light plus a before and after application shot.

This bronzer by Revlon is finely milled, nearly has nearly no powder fallout, and at last, thankfully, no shimmer at all, a rarity in drugstore finds these days.  For application it’s best to use a large, fluffy brush.

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You can go “specific” with this bronzer.  The left half of the compact is what I use when I want  to contour, the right half is the warmer, terracotta toned side and I use that as blush or bronzer across the high points of my face if I want to look sunkissed.  You can also swirl around the whole palette for a more balanced tone for bronzing.

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It beautifully adds warmth to the skin and here in this shot I don’t just use it as a contour product, I’ve taken the right side of the compact lightly over the high points of my face and the left side of the compact was used for contour, and I’ve also used some of it as eyeshadow here.  Don’t forget to take the bronzer over your neck, the top of your chest and the high points of your shoulders if you’re wearing a top like mine.  I love that it doesn’t leave you muddy looking and this lasted from 9am in the morning till 5pm in the evening on me (one light retouch moment only at 1 pm, but I didn’t even need retouching I just decided to).  By evening it looked just slightly sheered out but it was still on my face.  Overall, a wonderful standout find from the drugstore.


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  • This is cool. I didn’t even tried swatching this because it seems too expensive for a drugstore bronzer. But it seems like a good deal din pala because you can use it as an all-over complexion product.

    By the way, someone (from another country, likely western), called me offensive when I used the term ‘oriental’ to describe skin tone. Apparently it’s considered a racial slur in the west. As well as, ‘chinky’ eyes. Every word is racist nowadays, ugh.

  • Wow! Your face slimmed down in the “after” photo! I’m too lazy to use bronzer to contour my round face on a daily basis, but I would definitely want it for special occasions where lots of photos would be taken.

  • i have to practice contouring my face…. this is a very nice find because I usually see shimmers on bronzers.

  • great inputs with the affordable drugstore products! your blog is one of the more effective ones i look to for product reviews 🙂

  • Ace Josue

    I think this bronzer is the one that Revlon will discontinue that’s why it’s no longer posted on their website. 🙁