REVLON Brow Fantasy Duo | Brows Both Ways

I’d like to thank my friend Rinka for showing me her own Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil Gel Duo, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about this really.  The saleslady said these arrived last week or something.  Simple things that work two ways are great for pushing, push push…this is good.  This is something women with sparse brows need all the time.


REVLON Brow Fantasy Php570+ (purchased personally at PCX) – This product actually comes in four (4) shades and to my surprise wow, all four for now are available locally.  If I heard the saleslady right the shades are light blonde light brown, brunette, and deep brown.  Brunette and Deep Brown have already sold out in some stores like the one I went to in Alabang Town Center.

It’s nice to see Revlon doing more drugstore products we actually really need on a daily basis.  I love that they’re doing classic staple products that tick the right boxes.  Read more to see before and after shots of application and get the full review.

The pencil is a hard formula but just hard enough so that you know it isn’t brown eyeliner labeled as a brow product that’ll have you overdoing it on the first stroke, you can build this up carefully. The harder pencil texture reminds me of the Shu Uemura Hard Formula brow pencils which are quite popular (Pixiwoo love those). I hate it when brow pencils are soft, when they’re like that you can bet they’ll be on your temples by lunchtime.  With Revlon’s Brow Fantasy Duo you’re offered two steps to get defined textured brows.   My only concern is how far down your sharpener will get to go to use the pencil up given the structure of the product. By the way sorry about the crummy after shot, got a new DSLR and am still on beginner mode plus I don’t have my proper close up lenses yet.



The second step is the tinted brow gel and I think the only thing wanting is I wanted the brow gel to have more hold or stick to it, otherwise it dries down okay.


I have permanent haircolor in that’s got an ash intensifier in it to tone down brassiness or orange-ness and the Brow Fantasy Duo in “light brown” is a warm brown with some ash in it.  Right now “light brown” seems perfect for daytime but I think I might end up getting the shade “brunette” in the future for more intense evening looks.


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  • this is a great 2 in 1 product plus very affordable too! 🙂