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Hey guys, I’m so happy I finally got this to work!  I was having a few quirks on the old comments syncing but now DISQUS blog comments is fully operational on my blog!  I wanted to resurrect life in my comment threads and be able to discuss with you all, rant, rave, or swoon back, and laugh it up easily in the same manner that comment threads become lively, more interactive and fun on Facebook or Instagram for example. I spotted DISQUS on the blog of Anna (Vivianna Does Makeup she gets like a minimum of 20 comments for every post) and more recently on first class US beauty blogzine ITG (Into the Gloss), and I also noted that select news sites like the Atlantic for example use DISQUS, too.  I figured if thousands of strangers are able to comment on the Atlantic via DISQUS it’s got to be simple enough for blog readers, too.  All your old comments (at least all I hope, last I checked) have been synced here already.  For some of you this new comments section may look a little less straightforward than before.  Don’t worry, you DO NOT have to register with DISQUS just to leave a comment (but with a free DISQUS account you get the option of voting up comments), you can go for logging in using your social media account OR if you really just don’t wanna care too much just “comment as guest”…see the example below.  By the way, a certain “gentleman” was quite obliging to help me demonstrate how public guest comments work, haha!  To leave a comment as a guest  just click in the “Join the Discussion” box to begin commenting and when you click in the “Pick a name” box underneath to leave your name…the option of “I’d rather post as a guest” will be there so just check that.


Hey guys, leave me comments.  Don’t be shy and let’s begin discussing!  To make it fun I’ll begin putting up photo topics for discussion just so we can all get to know each other a little better and have fun putting our opinions out there via DISQUS.  Don’t worry IF in the long-run this comment program doesn’t begin to improve our interaction or ease the way I moderate comments it’s pretty simple to just deactivate it and all the new comments from Disqus can be safely synced back into the old WordPress comments.  Here’s something to help you understand it better.  To totally visualize and get how much less limiting DISQUS is when it comes to topic interaction check out this catchy 1 minute viral video ad of theirs (via YouTube).

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  • Good move! CNN uses disqus too (and many of our local news sites).

  • Yes wanted the blog to improve significantly, and also interact with you guys more qualitatively 🙂

  • Issachavez

    nice! I love your blog since I don’t know when and it would be really nice to interact more with you! 🙂 I love this new platform because I get your replies to my comments thru my email. That way, I wouldn’t miss your replies! 🙂 I really love it when bloggers take time to reply on their reader’s comments 🙂

  • Aileen

    ms julia, i realize that you have been copying a local blogger po. i wont name who but it started with your fanny serrano eyeshadow. i only know of one other beauty blogger that uses discus. i think you are a copycat. been a longtime lurker but you lost a follower in me and my friends who i share your site with

  • I want to make myself clear lang.  I do not copy other bloggers so I’m confused.  Please kindly explain what it is you think I copied? I write my own content and do not copy paste.  The fanny serrano eyeshadow palette i bought by myself and I had never seen it before on anyone’s site then I reviewed it on my own.  Please point out what makes you think I copied someone?  Because I don’t.

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