L’Oreal Double Extension CURL Waterproof Mascara | Optional Showstopping Lashes

I have snubbed this sort of mascara for years, and it’s always been there, sitting on local shelves.  Before however the waterproof variant wasn’t available, only the red and white tube which I loathed.  I detested the idea of 2 steps in a mascara, then an eye opener (literally speaking) was when recently a couple of UK bloggers were sent a non-Loreal mascara with 2 steps and because of the awesome results they put up with it.  After that, in my mind I began to think more loosely about the 2-step idea.  Also there at the back of my mind vlogger and pro-artist Kandee Johnson stood smiling with her pom-poms for this mascara, she absolutely loves it and has said so repeatedly.  So with one of my older mascaras approaching the 4-5month mark I decided to try this.  I just have to say the curl staying power and humidity resistance on this is too awesome not to mention and that’s not even mentioning the optional gear on volume and length.


L’Oreal Double Extension CURL Waterproof is in a Purple and Silver tube here and blue and white one in the US.  It’s not cheap at Php900+ locally but in my opinion you’re paying for a more customized mascara experience.  L’Oreal Telescopic False Mascaras abroad are about Php700-800

As it turns out this just happens to be sort of a deconstructed dupe for L’Oreal’s acclaimed Telescopic  Shocking Extensions (US)/False Lash Telescopic (UK) waterproof mascara.    The foreign Telescopic mascaras achieve the same showstopping look as this with just 1 step, which is why I prefer those IF I can get them, but precisely, we don’t have those here.  This one’s great  because, you know us women, we like options, what if we don’t want BIG lashes all the time, just when we need them?  The key is this, the Step 2 black waterproof mascara on this also looks good and holds curl even WITHOUT the lengthening primer which gives us the power to choose.  If you don’t want to do two steps you don’t have to, but if you want extra oomph and length for those lashes it’s yours with an extra step!  Read more to see application and get the full review.

As always please begin with curled lashes.  I cannot understand people who curl their lashes after applying mascara, it’s such a messy thing to do, it pushes off product from the lashes and you have to clean your lash curler repeatedly as a result.  So curl lashes first.


You can begin by applying step 1 which is the flex and curling primer that helps extend and add the illusion of more lash volume.  Priming bottom lashes is optional but I like to do it if I feel like looking more doll-eyed.



If you’d like to add more perfection for the second step take your own dry spoolie brush (the makeup brush that looks like a mascara wand) and brush up those primed lashes gently after a few minutes to make sure no lashes are sticking together.  I haven’t done this this but I’m just mentioning that step for perfectionists.  Then proceed to Step 2 and apply the waterproof mascara, during application wiggle from root to tip and when refining and perfecting lash tips don’t add more mascara, use what’s left on the wand.  When both steps are used this mascara reminds me of something in-between L’Oreal Telescopic and Maybelline Volum Express Falsies waterproof.  When you don’t use Step 1 and just apply the mascara on its own the look reminds me of Maybelline Full N Soft.  There’s just a bit more clumping during application when the primer is used but not an amount that makes it a faff to work with.  If you used both steps, minimal blobbing can happen around the lash line if you have smaller eyes so keep cotton buds with makeup remover handy just in case.




Check out the eye on the other side as well, wow!  I also applied primer on the bottom lashes which is what makes both sets of lashes look more massive overall.



I shouldn’t have  ignored this for as long as I did.  L’Oreal Double Extension Curl Waterproof Mascara is a permanent product and I seriously almost could not believe my eyes after putting it on.  A funny friend at my mother’s office gasped when she saw me.  To my surprise she came straight up to me pulled my glasses off, took me excitedly by the wrist and led me to another friend, pointed at my face vigorously and said to her  “Girl, nakikita mo ba lashes nitoh?  Mascara lang daw yan…”.  That result speaks for itself.

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  • Issachavez

    haha, so cute naman nung friend… i agree, the lashes look awesome!