Belo Sun Expert SPF50 Transparent Mist | Invisible High Protection

I’ve mentioned Belo Sun Expert sunscreens in the past and I love how their sunscreen lotions feel “better” over the skin compared to some regular sunblock formulas that can feel super pasty and sticky.  I’ve tried their standard SPF60 sun expert body lotion and the SPF40 sun expert facial lotion.  Both kept me protected from the slightest burn during a whole day football tournament my brother had over a year ago, I think I only reapplied once on my shoulders in the afternoon and the formula didn’t give me difficulty when soaping in the shower afterwards.  I didn’t think they could do better but when team Belo sent me a Sun Expert package this new product caught my eye.  Sunblock with high protection that you’re not supposed to see!




BELO SPF50 TRANSPARENT MIST, Php449.75 100ml (Non-sticky, quick-drying, cell protection, hypoallergenic) suitable for face and body
DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY ON FACE, spray on hands first then apply to face.
• Provides broad-spectrum protection against UV rays
• With Cell Protect® Technology that strengthens the skin’s defense system, maintaining healthy skin while preventing accelerated premature skin aging
• Anti-aging • Sprays at any angle • Quick absorbing with even coverage • Non-sticky •Water resistant •Immediate effectivity (no waiting time) •Mild cooling effect •Paraben-free
• Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested (precaution: flammable prior to drying)
What I like about this product is that you can’t see it, it’s practically invisible…though I would like to fully understand better how it provides high SPF50 protection information is somewhat limited.  It’s great applied under makeup and I’ve tried it under Benefit Cosmetics’ BIG Easy cream and once this transparent mist has set (after about 5-8 minutes) it didn’t mess with that makeup base which I applied on top which is a wonderful thing for a sunscreen for makeup lovers in the summer.  If I’m not mistaken it’s a rare, invisible high protection formula that shouldn’t flash back on cam (but don’t take my word for it, test it yourself, on that point I am assuming).  I patted and spread it across my clean face after spraying it onto my palms first.  Read more to get the full review.

For certain reasons I just wouldn’t recommend this sunscreen for children because as a Mom (if I were one) I’d love to SEE my children slathered in sunscreen visible to me, I’d like them to look like Olaf pre cannonball splash, which is probably why God hasn’t married me off or made me a mom yet LOL (God whispers: Gabriel, the girl has child sunscreen issues, postpone).   The product seems to be oil-free which most likely what makes it great under makeup.  This isn’t alcohol-free but that is counteracted with glycerin which helps makes it safe enough for face and body.  While this is marked as flammable I’d like to point out, hallo, so are certain insect repellents, not to mention cologne and PERFUME, probably the most profitable alcohol-based cosmetic product consumed daily on the face of the earth.  Once this product dries on you away from an open flame, you are safe, it is the application part that needs minding, and you sensible lot are mindful I’m sure.  Good to know that while being mindful enough it’s best to apply this on in the safety of your bedroom, bathroom, or perched on shore, you should be okay with this product which is a lovely sunscreen for people who can’t be without makeup outdoors or even people who prefer less makeup but want high protection you can hardly see or feel.
I like how the sunscreen works in a way I can’t see.  You know that well-known sensation of high noon heat which as soon as it hits your shoulders, the tops of your feet or your hands sends you running for shade or sunscreen?  With this SPF50 sunscreen on I didn’t feel that burning sensation so I knew it was pretty much doing its job.  This will probably make its way into my urban summer edit.  I just don’t have a proper road test for y’all for this at the beach though, to my knowledge this isn’t waterproof so it’s not for people who’ll be migrating to the water.  Pretty much it’s the makeup lover’s/outdoor shopper’s/soccer mom’s tailor fit, high protection invisible sunscreen which is virtually weightless underneath makeup.  It fits into that special “best underneath makeup” niche and does the job well.

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  • this looks interesting especially after you mentioned that it didn’t mess with your makeup base. I’ve stayed away from Belo products ever since I had an allergic reaction to their facial cleanser and toner… I decided to try it out for the first time last year because my mom placed it in her bathroom. A few minutes after application, my face felt so itchy all over and I started to get bumps, and it looked like I was going to have measles or something. So, I immediately rinsed my face again with water to get rid of the toner that was still on my face… I’ve stayed away from Belo products since then.

  • Abby_M

    This could be the best summer treat ever! I have ditched my old facial sunscreen after I received my sample of this product from Sample Room. Now, I can skip on using my anti-oil finishing veil as well as retouching multiple times during the day. 🙂