Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edgemeister Mascara WP | Unbeatable Length & Waterproof Curl

I have been wearing practically no other mascara than this (with an  exception on 2 or 3 days) since I returned from Boracay last May 4.  When you rekindle sentiment with an old favorite that is just as reliable as this one and have been receiving compliments every single time you have it on you just have to write about it again.  Since 2010 I have raved about Majolica Majorca’s mascaras, a Shiseido daughter brand for the Japanese drugstore market which is available at SM Beauty floors and select Watsons branches.  Mom and I were fans of the Lash Expander Frame WP Mascara for the longest time but they stopped importing that one or phased it out and the next best one that’s most similar (practically the same or just renamed) is their Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara (Waterproof pink, make sure it’s the one with pink butterflies on it, the green one is non-waterproof and won’t hold curl at all).  Mom said it’s the same quality as the one we used to get but she noticed she got more believable length on it which she loves, I noticed the same thing.


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Nothing in my opinion beats Majolicas waterproof lengthening fiber mascaras, you will simply never smudge unless you apply an oil based product on your lashes.  So some people don’t like this mascara because of how hard it is to remove and because they don’t know how to curl their lashes properly to get the optimum result which would be this.  I wore this while swimming in Boracay.  If you have an oil cleanser or bi-phase makeup remover, just a bit more effort is needed to remove this, be gentle when you do.

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If you put some effort into that curl before applying this…lashes just become gorgeous, and if you build this up you can make your eyes look like you’ve got false lashes on.  Basically, a proper fiber mascara will make you look like you have lashes if you barely have any and will give the appearance of more lashes if you naturally have an average amount.



My mom prefers no other mascara because it never smudges and holds the lash curl you tried with all your dearest dexterity to achieve.  I use this mascara on brides almost every time because no matter how much they may cry it stays put and it adds length.  I sometimes use a different mascara if I want something less heavy duty, but if I want something super reliable and resistant to heat, sweat, and humidity I only use this!  Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edgemeister Waterproof (whew) Mascara is available at select SM Beauty Floors and Watsons outlets for about Php750 or Php850? Sorry I haven’t checked if they’ve updated the price but last I checked it was between that range.  Make sure that if you want the waterproof one that you get the one with pink butterflies on it, not green.




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  • Jho Anna

    Been looking for a good mascara, and because of your review I think I might give it a try too!:) thanks!:)

  • Abigail Teofilo

    Any tips how to grow your lower lashes? i think i was born without it. My eyes dont look as alive as others. I envy yours 🙁 thanks for the review.

  • Meg

    Hey Julia.

    It is 850. I just got this today at Landmark Makati because of your post. Haha. 🙂 i also got their skin remaker powder foundation since it is on sale at 1,100 including the case. 🙂

    Can’t wait to try this mascara. 🙂 i have short and thin lashes so I want full big lashes without putting falsies on.

  • JacyMichele

    Thank you for this great review…I have really have been looking for a mascara that will stay put 🙂

  • Arielle Villareal

    Thanks for this review! I’ve been looking for a volumizing and water-resistant mascara. This has helped a lot. With your description of the mascara, I think that my current favorite (the CoverGirl Clump Clasher) can compete with this in every aspect except the waterproof part. Hehe.