What’s in Her Bag?| TRICIA CENTENERA Wears Beauty

Behold, Tricia Centenera cometh.  Soon to be crowned queen to YouTube’s Super Selfie King, Gabriel Valenciano, this Downunder-grown Filipina babe walks her line and evokes her own strain of effortless glamour.


There’s a sensitive difference between countless fashion wannabes who throw on every “it” piece together and others who make limited style declarations and let their appearance speak for itself.  Tricia is of the regal latter, she’s a beautiful creature who knows what she likes, seals her lips with a smile, and wears it all well.  Since she has a knack for fashion and wardrobe pieces that stand out her makeup is more often than not very wearable and she has her own menu of what works for her.  Click through to the full post to find out what’s in her beauty bag.

On a recent trip to Balesin I had the privilege of spending more time with Tricia.  I was quite delighted in getting a sneak peek of what was in her beauty bag which was, to say the least, much more utilitarian and edited than beauty-guru-mine may ever hope to be.

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The products were pretty much laid out as is on her Mykonos Villa bathroom counter when I asked her permission to do the feature (I just turned some over so you could see the brands).  Since we didn’t discuss perfume while we talked beauty I’ll disclose in advance that her fragrance is Dolce & Gabbana the One.  She likes Lady Danger by MAC as a red lipstick and lines her lips with MAC Redd if she is going to sport a red lip.  For lips it’s either an in-your-face red or a sexy nude shade (she didn’t have a nude with her for the after party so she borrowed my Bobbi Brown lipstick in “Baby Pink” which is actually nude).  One note I made quite quickly for the stuff she chose to bring: no blush, just bronzer.



“So what I do is I start off by applying this (she points to derma provided Glycolic Acid Cream 10%) and then this, this is very good this moisturizer (Tricia brings the pot of Clinique Moisture Surge closer so I can see, she showed this to me twice in the discussion) and then I take this next because it’s like a corrector sort of (L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream from US) that first and then the MAC tinted moisturizer on top (MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF15).  If I’m going to use concealer I use, the one by MAC, the one where you can see the inside…yes, MAC Studio Finish concealer but if I’m going to appear on TV or host an event and need to cover more I have my Fanny Serrano stick.  For eyes I’m quite basic I  have yes, MAC Teddy is my favorite, but that’s a brown eyeliner, I also have black which is this…I can’t remember what it was…it looks like this because I keep losing it and finding it again (she holds up a pencil with a smudger which may or may not be Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eyeliner in Onyx).  Then for mascara I have this Lancome Hypnose Waterproof.  And this is contour (shows me and holds her California Tan compact which is like a more pigmented Guerlain Terracotta) so I do this on the sides of my face (first photo above using half-moon brush) and after that I’ll also sweep it lightly over the creases of my eyes under my brows just to soften the look (this is also something I do but didn’t really tell people about, if the blush is warm enough).  And of course brows, yes you can see I love this (holds up a very used Chanel brow compact) but this is what I do…

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“First I go in with this brush (angled) and this MAC brow pot in Deep Dark Brunette to fill in and shape…

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…and then I’ll go in with this brush (spool) and the Chanel brow powder kit (which she also uses as eyeshadow sometimes) to soften and blend the brows so they don’t look so drawn…”


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In this photo, she stands here in Balesin with soon-to-be sister and fellow style blogger, Kiana Valenciano.  When it comes to style it’s hard to find someone like Tricia who has the gift of elegant restraint.  When I spotted her sister Christine Centenera, Senior Fashion Editor for Vogue Australia, in a British Vogue street style segment while I was randomly reading I got my confirmation that this gift of presenting and carrying one’s self so well was a shared gene.  It’s quite evident when you scroll through her style blog TriciaCentenera.com.  Even if we say style is subjective there’s still no denying the facts in a roomful of people when a few in the end are uniquely easier on our eyes than the rest, like Tricia is.  People like her are gifted with knowing how to edit themselves overall without trying too hard.  There wouldn’t be best and worst-dressed lists if that weren’t true and underneath it all it’s a comfy thing to know she also clearly wears beauty well.

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