My Earl Grey Tea Milkshake | Cool Your Jets the Creamy Way

Hello, still know me?  I apologize, last week’s schedule was off the charts, been very busy with social events for another upcoming cousin’s wedding, a shoot for an upcoming Resurrection Sunday special, and working during tapings for a new ABS-CBN show, Your Face Sounds Familiar.  Kind of lost my momentum back there ‘coz I’d come home just wanting my makeup to remove itself, sleep and wake up just wanting to sleep in (like today because have another taping tomorrow).  In between though I did shoot some stuff I wanted to share which I’d been meaning to put up a few days back, like one of the frequent blender sessions I’ve been having.





INGREDIENTS (serves 2):

1/2 cup Fresh whole milk (you can use cold carabao’s milk if you want a Pinoy twist, if you want your milkshake like roadside heavy go full cream milk)

2 or 3 full packed scoops  of Merry Moo Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream (depends on how thick you want your shake, for thicker add more ice cream.  Pint size available at SM Aura Cinema Food Court, Echostore in Market Market, weekend Sunday Legaspi Market in Makati, Glorietta food court and other places, check Merry Moo’s Facebook page.)  This is my ultimate favorite ice cream.

8-10 oz. of ice cubes (a cup or more than a cup, more ice cubes means more water, which makes it easier to sip, less ice cubes makes it richer and thicker).

1/2 cup steeped Earl Grey tea (I use 1 Twinings tea bag to brew a full cup and just drink the excess, haha) 

1 tbsp. of sugar (optional, I don’t put sugar because the ice cream is sweet enough for me and I try to keep excess sugar out of what I eat.)


EQUIPMENT: Kitchen blender that can blend solid ice, measuring cups, ice cream scoop, milkshake glasses or mason jar mugs, straws optional (paper straws won’t work well with milkshakes, spoon for tasting (no double dipping!)

I’m so hooked on blended dairy drinks.  Fruit and veggie smoothies to follow.  We didn’t have a decent industrial strength blender before and I’ve been cooling the jets by making frappes and shakes.  Just wanted to share with you how I made my Earl Grey tea milkshake.  I’d been meaning to just do this and try it and after ages and ages finally got around to it.  Click through to see the full process and method of making this yummy drink.


First, make your Earl Grey tea with hot water and cool it off, you can stick an ice cube or two in then put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes to make it cool.






Then once your tea has cooled combine it with the whole milk, in essence, make milk tea!



Pour this milk tea into the bottom of the blender first (proper sequence so the liquid doesn’t melt off your cold stuff if you pour it on top) then add the ice cubes and ice cream.



Remember more ice cream means more thickness, more ice cubes makes the milkshake watery later on, it’s really up to you to find the right thickness.  If the milkshake is too thick it will be hard to sip which is why we have the ice which when blended slowly turns to water making the milkshake easier to drink…just don’t overdo it with the ice otherwise you will get slush.  Now blend everything together, first on the low setting to crush the ice then you can speed it up once the ice stops rumbling.





I like to garnish my shake with a sprinkle of earl grey tea flakes from the tea bag before serving in a milkshake glass or mason mug, just to add a bit of flair on top.



You can use this recipe with other ice cream flavors and just substitute the ice cream and milk tea liquid part with for example chocolate ice cream and Holly’s chocolate milk or milo drink for a chocolate milkshake, you get the idea.  Hope you give this one a go, let me know if you do, it’s just creamy, icy, tea latte bliss in a mug, really.  Great for the hot months!

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