Yves Rocher Bronzing Powder Duo in Dark Veil, In Memoriam | My Best Compact Bronzer…broke

A moment of silence for pieces that have shattered.  My purse dropped during my cousin’s wedding and to my dismay, my favorite makeup item inside broke (of course it had to be my favorite).  I don’t have a photo of the demise of my Yves Rocher Bronzing Powder duo, that’s too depressing to show, and no…it doesn’t work the same way across the skin with the pieces broken and the powder loose, it just doesn’t.  This is still my favorite matte compact bronzer and I’m all too game to repurchase it as soon as possible (just please be kind and leave one for me in stock lol).  It’s special ‘coz I’m hooked on the mild Yves Rocher skincare scent this matte bronzer has, it doesn’t have fallout and isn’t at all dusty so it applies like the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes which aren’t at all dusty, and it warms up the skin in the same way as Chanel’s Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Base (formerly known as Bronze Universelle) but in dry format.  Sigh.   Here’s to looking back and I’m also going to mention a few more Yves Rocher makeup bits.  It’s a very good mid-range price cosmetic brand.




PRICE ESTIMATE: Php850-950 (based on conversion from $19 on US site) at Yves Rocher, SM Aura

“Enriched with smoothing Tiare flower extract, the ultra-soft texture of this Axe Solaire Bronzing Powder Duo comfortably adorns your complexion without ever drying out your skin. You can pick up, apply and blend it easily using a powder brush.

Unique features: this duo is comprised of two complementary shades that allow you to create a custom tan, perfect for your skin tone and the evolution of your tanning for a natural, sunkissed look. Your complexion is beautified, mattified and sculpted for the most natural tanned effect.”

The Plus: its economical and generous 20g size

Tested under dermatological supervision.  0.7 oz. Compact / 20 g

You won’t get sudden patchiness with this bronzer, it’s not chalky and has no fallout, as in zero fallout, it’s that sort of texture, unless you scratch it or tap it on top vigorously with a stippling brush…that is the only time it will it yield powder deposit that falls away.  It really is like a dry compact version of the Soleil Tan de Chanel one.  The shade I have is a perfect warm Terracotta-ish earthy tint that isn’t too orange for me…there are two colorways, this one, Dark Veil is the darker compact of the two or medium to deep skin, the lighter compact is Light Veil, a cooler bronze for fairer above medium skin.  The texture is like a pressed powder infused with skincare so it isn’t chalky or dry, the surface of the product begins to look a little strange once you begin using it a lot (like the powder begins to clot over on top, but that doesn’t mean it’s ruined, it just does that) but it doesn’t stop giving or depositing that sunkissed hue you need, it’s also great for daytime contouring.   Click to continue to the full post and see a few more Yves Rocher makeup bits.


I use this bronzer mostly to take the pale edge off my face once I’ve applied my base tinted moisturizer, bb cream, or foundation.  It balances or rounds the face off, helps match my face to my neck area once I’ve got my makeup on.

YR_bronzer_03If it’s hard to spot, because I like my bronzer subtle and buildable that way, not suddenly dark (but I could easily build this product up over my face to look like i’ve been ages away on holiday), look at the left side of my face near the ear, up the temples and across the forehead and a little bit across the jawline, you can also tell my face is more pale here in the left shot.  I use it just so that I don’t look unnaturally made up.  Subtle effects make a huge difference.

YR_bronzer_6Yves Rocher have a whole range of cosmetics that I think is vastly overlooked.  Their single eyeshadow kits were priced at about Php400+ when I got these early last year (I know I’ve had these photos for like forever…).  I also like this sapphire eye pencil I got for about…Php300+??

YR_bronzer_7YR_bronzer_8YR_bronzer_5Rest in pieces, beloved bronzer.  You will be missed now…and replaced this week.


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  • Abigail Teofilo

    I have read posts about salvaging cracked powders just by adding alocohol and letting it dry. It looked promising if for the sake of putting them back together. I’m just not sure what it does on the texture. If it will make you feel better, try it. Sending my sincerest condolences.

  • Oh no I’m so sorry! Still haven’t been able to find my way around bronzers as well. I don’t know how to use them and the products I try aren’t very good so I’m this close to giving up! I can imagine how painful this situation is 😮