My New Flototto PRO Chair in Snow White | The Glass Desk Workspace Sequel

Back on the home front, I anticipated the arrival of a thing of beauty, that was actually already mine for months but was in storage.  So, sorry if this non-beauty post is slightly redundant, but it just had to be written.  Without a decent and equally classy desk before I just didn’t have the heart to pick up my beautiful chair from my aunt who along with her German husband are the local distributors for Flototto products through BOOGI, their premium modern furniture store at LRI Design Plaza in Makati.  I’ll put it plain, these aren’t cheap chairs, but they are ergonomic, flame-resistant, and thanks to German durability will last a lifetime or more.  A lot of love, thought, and care went into the design of the entire Flototto furniture range.


Meet the enchanting Flototto PRO Wood Tetrapod Chair which I photographed today, and only now I discover that the shade name is Snow White, obviously destined to be paired with my glass table (her glass coffin remember? I’ve got my tales sorted).




Its ergonomic design encourages good posture and comfort, even when carrying the chair to transfer it to another location you will sense that the design works with you, and not against you.  I experienced this ease of mobility while carrying the chair downstairs to take a photo of it.  I figured I’d do a workspace post sequel since many of you have not seen the very final outcome of my workspace overhaul now that it is complete with my Flototto chair.  By the way, I do not own a Macbook Pro, my current laptop is practically dying. This one is my mother’s…I borrowed it to edit another video that I have actually just uploaded today.  This is how my workspace finally looks.   Click through to see the full post and more photos.

I won’t go on forever because the workmanship speaks for itself.  The Flototto PRO range has won multiple awards including the coveted Red Dot Design award in 2012 and it still keeps winning more awards like the German Design Award twice, last year included.






All PRO seat pans are constructed of 100% polypropylene and thus 100% recyclable. With anti-slip and matte texture on the seat and durable structure at the back of the seat.

PRO has been awarded numerous international design awards for both form and function.
PRO 4, the GS mark for “Tested Safety”. We have been certified in the nationwide database PQ-VOL as knowledgeable, powerful and reliable companies on public procurement: www.pq-

The chairs are extremely durable, weather and fireproof and can put up with a lot of strain, use, and abuse.  They’re specifically made to withstand the varying shifts of human weight and a multitude of extreme conditions.  This particular model below is made for schools so chairs can be set on tables when classes are over so janitors can clean the rooms with ease.





These chairs are worth a look also especially if you’re in big business and are looking to supply an office, school, or organization with chairs that are easy to clean and you won’t have to replace repeatedly for maintenance.  Flototto premium chairs are currently distributed by BOOGI ( / 09328483550) at LRI Design Plaza (near R Space), Reposo, Makati.

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