The Last Quarter Look | Style After Quite Awhile

Getting the blogging boots back on with some style bits.  The title of this post was supposed to be for a makeup look, and that Last Quarter Makeup Look tutorial is following shortly…fashion first though.



A couple of pre-loved hand-me-down skirts formed the base for this short but lovely editorial.  Let’s start off with this first look that I probably wouldn’t mind wearing on repeat without the help of a little fashion tape.  Click through to read more to see all photos and read the full editorial.

For this first dark yet fresh look I liked how the look was sophisticated but not cute.  I was tired of slim silhouettes and wanted something more billowy…Mom’s well loved Banana Republic safari skirt made this possible, providing a khaki edge more uncommon than a regular pair of pants.




TOP: Topshop, SKIRT: Banana Republic Safari “Jane” (As Mom calls it) skirt, SHOES: H&M Flats

MAKEUP: Base MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Ultra Y245, highlight-Laura Mercier Mosaic compact, BROWS: K-Palette Pen & Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara, EYES: T’ Le Clerc Cream Eyeshadow in “Brun Caravage” topped with shades from Laura Mercier Mosaic, mascara-Maybelline Full N Soft, LIPS: Dior DIORIFIC Longwearing Lipstick in “Glory”

The top speaks for itself but I have to warn is slightly a public hassle so i don’t recommend wearing it without a low nude or black colored brassiere and like I said, better to be safe with some sticky fashion tape so you can move securely.  The next look is more…pop.





TOP: Star Wars for UNIQLO Hoodie (limited time price Php720), SKIRT: Prada, SHOES: ZARA

Piles and piles of people are waiting for the new J.J. Abrams directed Star Wars movie masterpiece to unveil either this Christmas (unlikely for us because of MMFF which totally sucks) or by New Year.  This is why I picked up several Star Wars hoodies as gifts and of course one for myself (as one does when something fits during holiday sales).  I thought it pretty basic and comfy, I got one size up at Medium so it could be loose fit and paired it with this Prada skirt that is actually longer at the back in a nearly trailing sort of way.  Forgive some of the awkward shots, I was my own photographer and the sun was setting.  Picture me running back and forth frantically across the street to check if shots made sense.  Hope you liked this one even if there wasn’t a ton of things to show.  Though you’d better be on the alert for the tutorial on this upcoming look below, the video I haven’t edited.



The lips are darker in person though.  Will keep you posted :).

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