Alcon Freshlook Air Optix Lens SALE | Buy 3 Get 1 at Sarabia

I asked Mom for a favor today, and she happened to be at the mall while I was having a haircut.  She hit gold at Sarabia Optical when I asked her to buy and replenish my stock of graded Air Optix colored lenses in PURE HAZEL, the disposable monthlies.   I only asked her to get me 1 pair of each grade (my right eye is worse off than my left).  They happen to currently be on a 4 for 3 promo (in Sarabia Optical, cannot confirm for other stores), so she told me she availed of it.  In more familiar words locally, buy 3 pairs and get 1 pair free.  She availed of the ongoing sale at Sarabia Optical, Rockwell.



They’re the only breathable colored contact lenses I put on in the morning and am able to forget about until early evening. These graded ones were about Php1600+ a pair so I think the non-graded ones may or may not cost less.  Thanks to this Air Optix promo I’m prepped ’til June and yup I checked the expiry, middle of 2017 so I’m good.  Ooohh, did I make you shudder about the middle of the year already? Haha.

Mom knew that I depended on these to look and feel awake plus stay alive.   The wear is good for at least the first two weeks, on the third week you’ll feel them there by lunch.



Though I don’t advise it, I personally cheat a bit and extend their wear to up to 1.5 months if I didn’t wear them every single day that month.  To make extending more possible I use Alcon’s excellent OptiMoist solution to keep them fresh so they don’t deteriorate as quickly.  When I use this solution it is just so, so comfortable to put them on again the next morning.

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