Did you notice?  While I can I’ve been making the effort to post daily …but once in awhile my fountain of ideas on what to post can have a dry spell.  So I’m here to ask you all the question: What would you like to see more of on Bless My Bag?

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Hit me up in the comments below, if you don’t have an idea, just come on over and say hi for the sake of it, and tell me what you do like about the blog and what’s been making you come back for more.  Topics I’d be willing to tackle are beauty, style, home and lifestyle, food, productivity and even…let’s get really game, relationship topics.  I’d like to hear more from you guys, to be honest, I love my readers but you guys are quite a silent lot, REALLY,…sooo quiet, except when there are giveaways, hahaha peace out.  No really, I’d love to hear from you, let me know anything in the comments below, and yes English, Tagalog, or both please :).

Happy Skin Zz Cream SPF20 | Natural Coverage Rediscovered
  • Hi Julia! I am not sure if you have done this before but maybe you can do a ‘A Day in My Life’ post or your morning/night routine, if you have one. Something along that line. I think it’s also a good idea for your YouTube channel.

  • How about FOTD/MOTD posts by era like 50s, 60s, 70s and so on. That would be interesting to see! Hihi.

  • I love your reviews because they are honest and refreshing. Also like your outfit/fashion posts and home posts. Maybe do a series of thematic looks (complete with costumes!!!), and vlogs would be cool too!

  • xiaori

    Hi sis! i am a subscriber of your blog and a silent lurker. I love your posts because it is always detailed. And you were one of the very few who made a review of nature republics mandarin bb cream (that’s your first post I have read and decided to subscribe) How about posting dupes or cheaper/save alternatives to some high end skin care products and cosmetics? Im always on the hunt for those things.

  • Bae Milanes

    Hello, dear! (Wait… I shouldn’t be calling you dear, I’m younger than you. Haha.) I just discovered your blog a few days ago when I was looking for beauty blogs to follow – I’m trying to open a new chapter in my life: makeup – and so I found yours from a list together with some others more that I followed. I haven’t really read a lot from your blog yet but what kept me coming back for more is your refreshing take on your blog posts. I love how simple yet quirky you are – and yes, I got that just from snippets from your blog! As I am trying to grow my online presence among fellow bloggers, rest assured that I will leave comments here and there on your blog posts. I’m usually a blabbermouth on social media so it won’t be easy for me to run out of words. (Just look at the length of my comment, oh wow.) Oh, one more thing! Finally, a Christian blogger!!!! <3 Aahhhhhh!!! <3

  • Tris

    Moar cats! 🙂 but seriously, I love that you have more variety in your blog lately instead of just the usual product features. Since you also work as a make up artist, maybe you can share some tutorials or tips on how to work different looks with different girls’ faces/skin? Just a thought. 😉

  • connie

    I would love to read more Skincare posts!! Share some of the tips and tricks that you’ve mastered as a MUA. Hmmm and maybe some drugstore skincare and makeup reviews?

  • anne0822

    Hello! another silent lurker here.. I read your blog almost every other day or when I’m not too tired from work. and yeah, I’ve noticed you’re updating regularly so yay!
    Well, I’d like to see how you organize your makeup stuff and your makeup area in general. hehe.. and oh! more tutorials please! Erm…. Kiana’s makeup to be specific. I always like her makeup whenever you post it on instagram. hihi.. sorry, too demanding ba? but thanks in advance!

  • More skincare and makeup posts that are below 1000 please. For us budget-conscious girls. And also, makeup tutorials. I really like to know others’ technique on putting on makeup. 🙂

  • Ella

    Guilty as charged! I’m one of your silent readers. I read your blog every day but just don’t have the time to comment since I read your blog in the office. Haha! Anyway today I wanted to take the time to thank you and let you know that I really love your blog! It’s one of the top three beauty blogs I visit everyday, I kid you not. I get awesome makeup tips and recos from you. I just wish you’d post more often. Heehee. Noticed that you haven’t been posting much the past couple of months (which is understandable of course. Hope all is well with you now. *hug*) I’m a self confessed makeup junkie so I’d love to see more makeup posts from you, esp makeup available here in the PH. 🙂

  • Hi Ella, I’ve been posting nearly everyday for about 2-3 weeks now 🙂

  • Ella

    I know i know! I did notice! 😀 I should’ve mentioned that in my comment. Happy that you’re back to regular programming! 😉

  • sherry ann gole cruz

    hello, i been a silent reader for the last 2 years,i love your review about makeups and skincare. but i do hope you can feature. more affordable makeups and wish you could do makeup tutorial too

  • Doris Therese Rickard

    Hi! Been visiting your blog on and off for a year or two now. I joked to my boyfriend once that I don’t have enough money to buy nearly everything you recommend, but I trust you so much that it hurts haha. I bought Marc Anthony Macadamia Oil after seeng it here (and it’s a miracle worker- i have really frizzy/kinky hair and it’s the only product that tames my locks). Sadly, it’s not available anymore when I visited SnR last week to replenish my stock. I knew I should have hoarded! I also love the Nuxe dry oil! Although for me Nuxe is easier to find, I do look forward to more products that are easily available. And hopefully with a friendly price tag, too, lol