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Another year with Happy Skin cosmetics can only get better.  They’ve made way into love month with a fun makeup and style collaboration alongside the brand’s clothing retail partner Plains & Prints.  Imagine a clothing line inspired by a makeup collection, different indeed!  The clothes will be exclusively available via from February 10-17.  This post features the cosmetics, mainly the lippies.  Sorry to say you now must know I felt slightly overcome with nausea and palpitations in the fitting room while fitting clothes at the event.  I even had to ask for a glass of water to be brought to me inside the fitting room, something about too much caffeine.  Just know that with me excess caffeine + crowds + decisions are not a good combination, haha.  There vanished any resolve to shoot OOTDs after.

Happy Skin Prints Made Pretty


The makeup collection features our favorite Happy Skin Shut up & Kiss me lippies in two new shades and extremely new glam makeup items never before done by Happy Skin.  I personally took all my photos at the event, flatlay models on the floor included, except for the shot of me above by Ira, a Happy Skin intern who used my camera.    Read on to see me try these out and see the rest of the post.

Newest in the range, the glam bits, which I will feature again separately another time is the Glisten Up gang: highlighter, blush, and contour makeup cheek sticks.  All these are solid blend-y makeup bits so portable and comparable to other luxury brand offerings that help enhance and define your facial structure.  They are also available in sets together as Strobing Kits.  I was only bestowed the highlighter and blush in my strobing kit for press samples, not the contour stick.




Above, I briefly tried the Champagne highlighter stick in an extremely discreet way.  Below, I also try on show two new lippies in the shades Scene Stealer (with Sophie’s help), a vampy red with a plum undertone, and Girl Boss.



“Girl Boss” Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing MATTE Lippie (Php649.00 individually) The base I wore at the event was Happy Skin’s Zz Cream set with loose powder.

Predictably, Girl Boss is the more wearable shade, it’s a muted pastel mauve, immediate bestseller for sure.  Girl Boss is a more long-wearing very slightly warmer version of a strong favorite shade in the past The Morning After.  I asked my friend Sophie who wears red more often to stand nearby and show off Scene Stealer alongside me.  We were in a bit of a hurry, haha.  Here are also some model friends of ours wearing the lippies together with the Glisten Up sticks, blush and contour included.


Sophie wearing Scene Stealer.



But here’s where it gets creative, I might not imagine myself wearing Scene Stealer red on a regular basis but then I decided to combine BOTH shades Girl Boss AND Scene Stealer to make a must-have-on-more-often third shade.  I applied Girl Boss, then I applied a generous layer of Scene Stealer on top and blended both shades firmly over my lips and I got this…



Girl Boss and Scene Stealer lippies blended together to make a third shade.


You now do not need to ask me about which shade to buy. LOL.  Happy Skin make it easy because they don’t just sell the lippies separately, of course these two come in a set as well.  Go to Happy Skin Cosmetics to check out their new Prints Made Pretty makeup collection, prices in the website at this link.  You’ll also be happy to know they ship locally and abroad as well.


  • anne0822

    I like this lipstick duo better than the Preview one. Hehe..

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