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I’ve never been the most toned beach bum out there but I’ve loved summers in the Philippines ever since my tender years.  My parents took me to the beach every year until I was a teenager at least 2-3 times a year.

Bellevue Hotel Bohol

Swimsuit by Roxy Ph, shades by Sunnies (gifts from both brands).

I thought I’d just let loose and tell you a couple of real things about myself and summer then you can tell me your 5 summery facts in the comments.  Scoot over, Olaf.

A shot I took at Bellevue Hotel, Bohol , the morning of our Nivea challenge during my sprint.Bellevue Bohol



I will get a running start and cannonball into bodies of water (better if it’s near some people standing in a pool and talking) even if my cellulite waves back at you.  I get fidgety when it comes to standing around and getting deep into conversation (that’s set aside for a jacuzzi in my book)…I prefer to move around.  You usually see the ripped people running and shooting into the water first and then the camera awkwardly pans way right and defocuses “Oh, here comes Julia…here she comes, here she…oh.”


Now that I’m an adult I like to bring multiple sunscreen products with me on holiday.  The three I bring are one that I’m okay to lend out to anyone, because friends/guys in general tend to “borrow” when they’ve left theirs (and not give it back haha), and I let them take it so they can reapply, then one for my body, and one for my face.


When the tide recedes lots of people tend to head back in for siesta because for them there’s nothing to do, but I grew up a Guimaras island girl.  When the tide was mid-shin deep, that meant one thing to us, knives, flashlights, buckets, and foraging time.  All sorts of edible things could be collected when the tide was out, even seaweed that we could pickle.  I remember my Dad (who was once National Director of PADI as a divemaster) hacking open a sea urchin and letting me touch and taste the inside.  If it was dark at low tide he would crack diver neon glowsticks (the ones you need to keep cold) asking which color I wanted.


The only time I ever decently got a tan long enough to brag about it wasn’t even at the beach.  I was a Living Asia Channel travel writer and we covered the Padyak Pinoy bike Marathon (Manila to Laoag, top of Luzon) for 10 days and shot multiple travel features to make the most out of the trip.  I wore just enough sunblock so the tan built beautifully over those ten days.  I was so dark by the end of the trip (at which point the reddish tan begins to deepen further) I showed up at our church’s youth service and one of my friends almost didn’t recognize me if not for the whites of my eyes.  He flinched and said “Ngyak, kaw pala yun” when I smiled.  Being at the beach for five days will get me a tan that will disappear in as quickly as three days.


I’m not as much of a beach bum as some more athletic surfer friends are (who probably have tons of swimwear given how frequent they head out) soo0…I probably get a new swimsuit every 2-3 years.  As long as it still snaps back, stays on, and keeps me decent it’s good to go.

So that’s about it, thought I’d keep it simple and just tell it to you like it is as it came to me, thought by thought.  Let me know your 5 facts in the comments if you feel like it.  No need for paragraphs, can be like one phrase or sentence.


  • Ella

    My star sign is very fitting. Im an aquarius and I looove the water! Five summer-y facts about me – (1)I don’t really know how to properly swim. Took swimming lessons when I was a kid but never really followed the techniques. (2) EVEN THOUGH I dont know how to swim, just like you, I’ll be the first one to jump into the water. I dont care how deep it is. I can float around or dog paddle or make sisid. Lol. I remember taking a vacation in my friends beach house (more like house on water) in Davao and we jumped off of the roof straight into the clear blue waters below. Pretty gutsy if I do say so myself especially when I realized that it was hella deep. Like 30ft deep I kid you not. Or maybe it was 40? Haha! Basta it was so deep that I got scared for a second but then got over it and just floated around. (3) My Dad is from Dumaguete. Our ancestral house there is a a few yards away from the beach and every morning i remember waking up and hearing the sound of waves crashing against the beach and the distinct smell of salt water in the air. Brings back such memories! (4) I cannot for the life of me tan evenly! So frustrating! I apply sunblock and tanning lotion diligently but after a week of lounging at the beach, all I get is a lobster red complexion (hellooo sunburn) but still no tan. Kawawa. (5) Mawala na eyebrows ko but I CAN NOT NOT have red (or pink) lips. Hahaha! My friends laugh at me because I still wear lipstick to the beach! I cant help it! It’s more of a necessity, really. Without lipstick, I look sick. Seriously. I’ve had people come up to me in the office asking if I’m okay because I look deathly pale. Jeez. So hence the lipstick. When Im at the beach I sport lip tints for a more natural look. Still on the lookout for a great waterproof lip tint because all the ones I’ve tried wash away after a couple of hours and I end up looking sickly again. Haha! Anyway that’s it! Reading your entry makes me want to go to the beach right now! Aaah!! 😀

  • Alenski711

    1. I love to go to the beach but I rarely swim there because I have this irrational fear of drowning in the open ocean. I’ll just sit on the sand or maybe wade in the water but only if it’s lowtide. I am a good swimmer but open water just freaks me out.

    2. I once skinny dipped with friends when we were in Boracay. That was during October of maybe 2006-2007, off peak season and barely anyone on the beach. It was also 2am in the morning and we were so drunk it’s a miracle we didn’t drown.

    3. I hate going to the beach during summer because I hate crowds. I don’t like bumping into people too much when I’m in the beach.

    4. I used to have more bikinis than shirts on my drawer. Now I don’t even have one pc of bikini anymore.

    5. I never tan, I just burn. 💔

  • Honesty, thank you haha! <3

  • Ancestral houses sound snooty for some people, but they’re something to be proud of if you experienced some time in your childhood growing up in one.

  • 1. I love night swimming in the beach, partly because I don’t have to put on sunscreen. Hahaha! But it’s much more peaceful to swim at night. There are only a few people around.

    2. Like Alenski711, I don’t like going to the beach during peak season because I also HATE crowds.

    3. I don’t really know how to swim, but I like splashing around in the water. I want to learn to properly swim one day so I can wade into deeper water.

    4. My favorite swimwear are those skirt and top combos, but I recently bought rash guards. My arms are darker than my legs, so I figured that by wearing rash guards and shorts, my legs would tan more than my arms and my skin tone would be even.

    5. I almost drowned when I was young, but fortunately I didn’t develop fear of the water.

    I guess your skin cells turn over quickly because your tan fades quickly! I tan easily even when I slather on a lot of sunscreen.

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