Let’s save our skin from the early onslaught of sun damage this summer (and all year round), shall we?  Here are five locally available non-sticky sunscreens to choose from depending on your skin type.  Prices vary greatly but I chose each one based on suited skin type…five for five.


Cetaphil DAYLONG Light Gel SPF50, NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture, VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70, Shiseido Wet Force S SPF50, Belo Sun Expert SPF40 Face

Out of these five sunscreens I have used three.  The two other sunscreens I have applied but not tested under long sun exposure but people I know and am about to mention have used them already.  Read on to get a closer look at which skin type each sunscreen suits and why I like them.


I’ve used this sunscreen by Belo several times.  It’s a nice light, non-sticky yet hydrating formula that doesn’t leave a white cast for normal combination skin and is one of the more affordable brands out there.

Belo SUN EXPERT Face SPF40 Php329.75 


I like that it feels refreshing and cooling when you apply it on skin and that there’s no fragrance, there’s also an SPF60 version for the body, which of course can also be used for the face.  It contains chamomile for an additional calming benefit.


From the affordable we hike up to high end, but if premium protection is what you seek, then Shiseido sunscreens certainly bring it.  For the price one can definitely bank on the protection given the research that goes into the development of these sunscreens in Japan.  If professional surfer Quincy Davis spilled to Vogue in this video that Shiseido has been her sunscreen of choice for 5 years when surfing, there must definitely be a good reason why.  She uses the Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream which now also has wet force technology.  The sun protection cream is a denser, thicker consistency than the more fluid Perfect UV Protector from the Wet Force range.  The Perfect UV Protector is primarily for face and decolletage.

ShiseidoWet Force Perfect UV Protector S SPF50 Php2550 (Made in Japan)


“My favorite sunscreen is Shiseido, it really stays on in the water.  I’ve been using it for about 5 years and I know that it works and I trust it for my skin.”

– QUINCY DAVIS, Pro Surfer

Here you are looking at Shiseido’s Wet Force Perfect UV Protector S (sounds like a mobile upgrade) which was developed for sensitive skin types and is now also approved for children of a minimum of 6 months or older the salesladies told me.  I’ve used Shiseido’s Perfect UV protector in the past, even before it was given Wet Force technology (adheres stronger protection when wetness or sweat develops).  What I love about the Perfect UV protector is it’s one of the few sunscreens that improves my skin after I use it, my skin isn’t just protected from the sun it becomes softer.  I distinctly recall returning from a company beach outing a couple of years ago with better skin than before I left for that trip.


Global skincare giant Nivea by Beiersdorf hails from Hamburg, Germany.  They’ve been in the skincare biz for over a century now (they turned 100 in 2011) and have always focused on developing formulas suited for everyone in the family.  The Nivea Sun range works together with their well-loved skincare to help keep skin in its best condition.  In case you didn’t know Nivea were the scientific pioneers of the SPF ranking system for sunscreen that so many other brands use today.  Why wouldn’t you trust Nivea, makers of the world’s most loved classic face cream, to make one of the best sunscreens for dry skin out there?  Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture contains Vitamin E and ingredients that help protect the collagen in your skin.

NIVEA Protect & Moisture Face SPF50 Php370 (Made in Thailand)


I’ve used the previously packaged version of this sunblock from a year ago which was labeled “immediate sun protection”, this still does that except that feature is on the tube in fine print now.  Unlike other sunscreens with Nivea immediate sun protection there’s no need to wait the standard 20 minutes prior to sun exposure to be sure protection kicks in.  The only con, it bears a mild fragrance which I’m sure is more for unity of branding recall than anything else, it isn’t an invasive scent.  From the drugstore level this is a sunscreen that also leaves my skin soft after application, not sticky and tight.


When VMV Armada sun protection by VMV Hypoallergenics is mentioned anywhere I feel like I’m hearing about the Rolls Royce of SPF products available here.  This sunblock is reputed for its convert stories and is known for making people who hate using sunscreen learn to appreciate the value of well-made sun protection.  VMV as a globally successful Filipino brand was developed by Dra. Vermen Verallo-Rowell, an extremely passionate dermatologist, dermatopathologist, and dermatology/laser surgeon also deeply interested in allergology, the study of skin allergies.  VMV Armada sunscreens are validated hypoallergenic and completely fragrance-free.

VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport SPF70 Face & BodyPhp2395 for 185g (comes in a smaller size as well, but currently when you buy this pricy large size you get a free travel size tube of the same product, bought this large one for my football varsity brother) Made in the Philippines.


The hypo-allergenic brand VMV has been mentioned by people interviewed on Into the Gloss and so many other elite sites and A-listers abroad in the United States.  VMV is also reputed for its invaluable use of virgin coconut oil in their skincare ranges.  I’ve heard a couple of stories about VMV Armada from other people like Cat Juan-Ledesma here on her blog post where she mentions that her then triathlete husband hated sunscreen but was converted to its frequent use with VMV Armada.  I recently also had dinner with a friend who likes playing golf but had trouble with acne reactions to sunscreen and thus he extremely hated sunscreen but a dermatologist then prescribed VMV Armada and it reportedly stayed on during golf flights, didn’t feel like sunscreen, and never caused another troubled reaction.  Current impression on this sunscreen is I love how light it is underneath makeup, I just tried it underneath Clinique Even Better Foundation…I’d easily forget for a moment that I’ve got high SPF on underneath.  For myself I also have their indoor/outdoor Armada Face Cover in SPF45 which I’ll mention in a different post.


DAYLONG Sun Protection by Cetaphil entered the market 2 years ago bringing new hope for people with oily/sensitive skin.  The minimal and yet effective sunscreen range became a new favorite in the fragrance-free sunscreen market.  It’s also important to note that these sunscreens are formulated and made in Switzerland.

DAYLONG Light Gel SPF50 oil free Php620 (oil-free, emulsifier-free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic) Made in Switzerland.


My mother brought this one with her to Japan and used up quite a bit when she was away.  A blogger friend of mine Michelle Martinez blogged about the Daylong Light Gel here and mentioned how she liked that it sat well underneath her makeup.  It’s also an oil-free formula so no need to worry about that greasy feeling.  My favorite though in the Daylong range is their After Sun which feels so refreshing over the skin after a long day out under the sun.

So, this completes my Five for Five Sunscreen feature.  I hope you find this post helpful before summer arrives.  It would be great to stock up on a particular sunscreen that suits your skin type before the climate heats up!  By the way let me know in the comments what your favorite sunscreen is and why for the sake of good conversation.  I’d be happy to read your sun and skin stories!

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  • As for me, I love Banana Boat sunscreens. They’re affordable and easily available in Watsons stores and supermarkets. And they don’t cause me to break out even if I’m acne-prone.

  • Good for you I don’t like the texture of Banana Boat so much 🙂 but Belo’s texture is better for me in the affordable range.

  • lumpyshark

    the VMV ones are my absolute favorite, but right now I’m using Bioré’s UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50 (PA++++). Also lightweight and doesn’t feel like sunscreen at all.

  • Soleil

    i am a sunscreen junkee…my no.1 requirement is how it sits under make-up. so far my recent faves are: celetique, yadah and supergoop which is also a serum and i’ve read it like botox in a bottle. i did notice that my skin’s elasticity has improved with supergoop. on my wishlist is anthelios.

  • isabelVF

    I’ve been using VMV Hypoallergenics Armada SPF 45 for years, still back in college. I’ve tried also the SPF 30 and SPF 60 variants, but I would always go back to SPF 45. I find that it’s a year-round product, ok for summer and cooler weather. I like that I can use it alone on my face and neck and doesn’t feel heavy/oily, and it’s great even when using makeup. I actually like the “finish” of my skin when I have it on.

  • Renee

    Me too! Of all the VMV Armada I’ve tried the SPF 45 is the only one that is compatible when I wear makeup. The rest of the Armada just clumps my makeup specifically on the nose area.

  • cheekeegirl

    I love Cetaphil’s Daylong.. It suited my oily/dry skin.. It absorbs quite fast to my skin.. But for much affordable price, I go for Biore’s line of UV sunscreen products..