My first ever post on this blog in 2010 here, which I was reminiscing about, was a thank you post for Lanolips, an award-winning natural Australian balm brand processed from pure medical grade lanolin from sheep’s wool (sheared/skimmed off in a cruelty free manner).  It has always been a great natural alternative to petroleum based ointments and at medical grade is suitable for babies (supplied in hospitals as well).  Lanolips is a multi-purpose and natural salve/balm in the same vein as Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream and Lucas Papaw Ointment…but not petroleum based.  I thought about how the brand was doing (after ending up in so many top editors’ handbags over the years) and it turns out just under a week ago the brand got a spiffy new makeover!  Being the search queen that I am, I found this huge image of their new look on their Facebook page.


I remember how my brain strained for vocabulary on the first post, not having properly written an essay or read a decent book for a couple of years because of work.  In 2010, the thrill of my first post on Lanolips (which I ordered after Charlotte of Lipglossiping had posted about it) didn’t end there, a few weeks after my first post I won an online contest by Lanolips, by writing an imaginary letter to Lady Lamb stating why I wanted to win Lanolips, I even gave her an imaginary address.  Read on to see the prize I won nearly 6 years ago, and how Lanolips used to look versus a couple of photos of the new look.

 It was so surreal back then when I won within the confinement of my office workspace in 2010 (wiggles cane, hand on back lol).  All I did was send an imaginary letter to Lady Lamb which I creatively wrote and I won weeks later.  They sent me two tubes of Lanolips  back then, this is how they used to look.


I fell in love with the denim blue of the new logo looong before the Pantone Gods deemed it the colour of the year. Just sayin’

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#HelloLano A sneak peek at Lano101 ointment tubes. Do you like?

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I’m quite liking that the new look is quite retro yet mod at the same time, but like my mother I miss the pouty looking sheep.  We want it all, don’t we?  The new Lanolips tubes are such eye candy to behold though, don’t you agree?

  • Soleil

    Hi julia! Where can i order lanolips here? I’ve tried a lot of balms already, commercial and natural based. I’ve even made my own but so far the only ones that worked for me are from korres and jack black. Lanolips has been in my wishlist for a long time, maybe it’s time to finally try it.