It happens sometimes in the industry, a certain product is named something, but what it’s called is not entirely accurate or complete.  I realized this when I was confused on how to use Thai drugstore brand IN2IT’s Makeup Remover Cream.  I thought it was supposed to work like cold cream at removing makeup, but leaving it on my face after it moved the makeup around didn’t feel right.  Eventually, I spotted the magic word that jumped out at me in the instructions on the back of the tube: RINSE.  This is got me extremely excited.


IN2IT MAKEUP REMOVER CREAM PHP399.00, SM Beauty.  Key ingredients: extracts of lemon, cucumber, grape, apple, olive oil, witch hazel, chamomile, aloe Vera and Vitamin E. MADE IN THAILAND

I’ve been using this for the past 5 days in place of my CLINIQUE cleansing balm (it’s easier to bring along because it’s in a tube).  I rinsed and discovered this IN2IT makeup remover cream is actually a budget cleansing balm.  Read on for the full review.

My cousin Stella (who I did prom makeup for in the previous post) and her mother who have sensitive skin borrowed this from me multiple times the other day which was prom night and it didn’t break them out nor sting their eyes.


It’s safe to use over the eyes, I’ve tried it.  If your eyes sting at all when using this it’s only the effect of your own eye makeup that was originally on your eyes coming off and entering.  I tried this also over the eye area without makeup and in my experience there was no sting.  This is a very good budget cleansing balm/makeup remover.

I looked at the ingredients list and realized this department store item was way better than I thought, not perfect (with mineral-oil, parabens/preservatives), but good.  IN2IT’S makeup remover cream is a great dupe actually for MAKE UP FOR EVER’s So Divine Cream Cleanser, the only difference being MUFE’s So Divine is mineral oil-free and paraben free and doesn’t have emulsifying or rinsing action, removal with toner is indicated on the MUFE one.  This IN2IT one has a lovely silky emulsifying rinse action when combined with water and leaves the skin feeling hydrated. To note, the Eve Lom cleansing balm that Lisa Eldridge loves and uses to remove her makeup contains mineral-oil, too, but as she says does not break her out and is still effective, it all depends on the grade of mineral oil used.  Given that this is a sealed tube and Made in Thailand I have a good feeling about its manufacturing quality.  Please give it some love in the department store and try it yourself, so that they don’t stop supplying it…I have a strong feeling people don’t realize they have to rinse it off.  Let’s help it stay!