Note my epic fail when I approached the saleslady with too much excitement (an aunt of mine right then wanted me to choose makeup items for myself as a thank you gift) : “Do you have MAC SILK Teddy lipstick?” MAC lady sadly shakes her head “No, Ma’am, sorry.  We don’t carry Silk Teddy.” My face falls, still not realizing my mistake.  She does a mind scan, then “Ah, but Ma’am we have Velvet Teddy!”.  I slap my head and face palm “Yes, yes, yun pala…VELVET TEDDY, that’s what I meant.  Omy, you have it?  Yayyy”  To think I almost missed it.  I fondly blame Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup for enabling me to hunt this down.  Thankfully, I received it as a gift.


It was quite tough to source the “original” post that proved one of Kylie Jenner’s go-to lipstick shades was MAC Velvet Teddy coupled with Spice lipliner (yup, other than her lipliner only picks MAC Whirl and MAC Soar).  I didn’t even want to put her name in the title of this blog post in case I was wrong.  Read on to see me try it.

I spotted a photo of Kylie somewhere online (I’d rather not post it here) indicating she was wearing MAC Velvet Teddy and Lancome Star Mascara probably from about 2-3 years ago on Instagram when she began to take the internet by storm.  So far from what I’ve fished out it looks like MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick and Spice lipliner were certainly together one of Kylie’s earliest official lip combinations before the release of her own bestseller Lip Kits (batches of which sell out within minutes every time they restock).  I’m quite confident as well due to the number of ranking posts online on MAC Velvet Teddy paired with MAC Spice lipliner, even by top bloggers.



My own lips are very red.  So, I had to pat on lightly some liquid foundation to mute my natural lipcolor slightly and let that dry before applying MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick.

Lots of people wanted to know what lipstick would work to get the Kylie J tone since working with lipliner wasn’t for them, all that shaping and defining isn’t for everyone.  It’s not surprising that the 90s earthy nude lip was revived by Kylie successfully.  She, like myself, has medium to fair toned warm skin so usually shades that we tend to use are more universal and can kind of stretch to suit people to the left and right of the shade spectrum.


MAC Velvet Teddy would actually look super good as a nude on someone tan (which is why I’m excited to tan a bit this summer to a Kim K. shade and see how different this lipstick looks on) and a good earthy pink brown on someone fair.  This lipstick cost Php1100 from MAC Cosmetics Rustan’s Shangri-la Plaza Mall.  A totally similar dupe would be Wet and Wild’s Bare It All matte lipstick…I used that up ’til it broke 2 years ago.  Bare It All by Wet and Wild is slightly lighter and more a perfect nude for me by a couple of degrees compared to MAC Velvet Teddy, it’s also super opaque.

  • Mandy

    That’s one of my favorite Mac lipsticks. So hard to find though.

  • It’s a permanent shade though. Not limited edition. They had stock at MAC in Rustan’s Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

  • Abigail Teofilo

    Nice! Hmm.. I can’t find the post but what shade did you use for Kiana’s lips when you made her up the last time? Are they of the same shade?

  • Connie

    I ordered Bare it all thinking it was a good and cheap dupe. However, I was disappointed as it turned out to be pinker when applied and transformed into a lighter almost barbie doll-ish pink as the day progressed (weird no? but idk why).

  • Hi Connie sorry to hear that because in my experience it was not like that. Did you check the expiry date? Or if it’s authentic Wet N Wild? I did not have that color change problem when I purchased wet and wild Bare It All from the department store before. Wet N Wild is safer to buy in person from places like Pure Beauty…2nd floor Serendra rather than online.

  • Daphane

    Enjoyed reading your blog as I get that excited buying makeup too! I was actually buying another MAC lipstick when the MAC lady introduced me to this color! It’s going to be my next purchase! My go-to MAC nude is Mehr (which I mistakenly called Weir). Lol.