We’re doing a back to back lip post, I know.  I usually try not to do that for variety’s sake but I think these in color contrast are way different.  These Lip Gradation Sticks by Maybelline (Lip Studio Color Blur in U.S.) are by far the easiest, most comfortable matte bright lipsticks I’ve ever put on from the department store, and they’re not patchy.  I’m kind of late in discovering these, but that’s okay.


TOP DOWN: MAYBELLINE Lip Gradation in Mauve 1, Orange 1, and Fuschia 1, Php349.50 from local department stores.

They’re perhaps the next best thing to Colourpop Lippie Stix in form locally.  I spotted them at Maybelline’s Brooklyn Brow event yesterday.  Maybe the Maybelline team wondered why I was anything but focused on brows after I grabbed these testers from their table, haha.  Read on to see why I was distracted.

These Maybelline Lip Gradation Sticks have two wear options.  You can either wear it full on like a matte lipstick, or ombre style like that Korean trend.  Let me show you the swatches, then the first option seen in daytime and nighttime.


Orange 1, Mauve 1, and Fuschia 1

First off, the favorite, which is currently sold out according to the Maybelline team.  Sorry guys, patience is a virtue, especially since this particular shade is a dupe for MAC Whirl.



The Lip Gradation above in Mauve 1 is an instant crowd pleaser.  It could be a not too deep nineties lip on fair skin, an almost earthy nude on medium tan skin, and an extremely flattering natural shade for dark skin.  It looks like a department store version of a lipliner my Mom passed on to me years ago (another Kylie J fave) MAC Whirl (seen here) which is now newly part of MAC’s permanent lipstick range.  Mauve 1 is almost if not exactly that shade.


MAYBELLINE_lipGradation_08Every now and then a girl like myself needs a pop of fuschia to wake her up…but gently sometimes.  Maybelline’s Lip Gradation lippie in Fuschia 1 is a less neon, less intense and more wearable fuschia like Lancome’s Color Design lipstick in Socialite.  It’s a fuschia that doesn’t bite, has a hint of a warm undertone to flatter more Asian or Polynesian skin hues.



The Maybelline Lip Gradation stick in Orange 1 is easily a cross between MAC Morange and MAC Lady danger.  Lots of people want this sort of red in their kit to whip out when they’ve got the urge to put on a statement lip.  The formula of this just makes it more wearable and less of a hassle to babysit in terms of retouching.  A blot or two should set you straight for several hours, retouch required in the center only after one meal, for more longevity start with a waterproof lipliner.  I wore Fuschia 1 till the evening yesterday and it lasted well, not completely transfer-proof but I love that it didn’t make my lips flake in the slightest and retouching was only required in the center.  It’s also so much more comfortable and gentle on the lips than those liquid matte lipsticks that set harshly. Now, here is Option # 2 with these lipsticks.




The sponge on the other end of the Lip Gradation stick allows for proper blending if you’d rather go for a matte stain or ombre effect that isn’t too full on.  The sponge is firm enough to do the job but gentle enough on the lips, it isn’t rough.


Must you ask me which one is my favorite?  I love playing with brights but I still stick with…


…the most wearable one in the bunch.  Maybelline will soon be restocking many of their Lip Gradation shades in local department stores, they’re Php349.00 each, so keep on the alert for that!  By the way, I’m growing weary of being EXTREMELY near the camera all the time, it’s the plight of working with a 50mm lens, it’s a lovely lens for macro but gets really near and you have to have it very far away from you just for a wider medium shot, but I’m hoping to be able to get a 30 or 35mm one eventually just so there can be some breathing space between us.



  • Connie

    Wow Fuchsia 1 looks good on you! I love how it brightens up your face.

  • Kat

    Have you tried MAC Persistence? I picked it up a while back instead of Whirl cause i figured it would suit my complexion better (medium olive,) and it does! Mauve1 seems closer to Persistence because of the more peachy undertones while Whirl seems to have cooler and rosy undertones.

  • Haven’t tried persistence ive seen it though 🙂 This one by Maybelline looks warm on me in the 2nd photo but is still quite close to Whirl in my memory…close.

  • Kat

    That’s interesting. People have been talking about how similar Persistence and Whirl are but they really do look white different on me. It’s amazing how skin tones make all the difference. 🙂 I’m really quite drawn to the 90’s neutrals since they look best for my complexion. I got a bunch from MAC that are only slightly different from each other but I love them all the same haha.

  • Rachel K.

    I bought Mauve I based mostly off of your review. I love it and have been wearing it nonstop. Just wanted to say thanks. 🙂

  • Jacqueline M. Nguyen

    I’m trying to find that subtle everyday fuchsia lip. Suggestions? Since I can’t seem to find the Lip Gradation :/