Browhaus initially began in 2004 as a Singaporean brow and lash salon.  Your friendly pitstop for those arches is now in 9 cities globally, Manila included.  We’re ever so glad they’re here and they’re a popular spot to hit up especially before big events and weddings just to get those brows and lashes sorted.  It’s been a couple of years in but Browhaus Manila haven’t massively announced a certain fact about what’s in their boutiques.  They’ve only had mini launches, ’til last week that is.  Browhaus Manila carries makeup, too, the sort of makeup range that’s eye-catching yet utilitarian at its core.


  1. Browhaus Classic Brow Lead Php 648.00
  2. Browhaus HD Mascara Php 998.00 
  3. Browhaus Precision Eyeliner Php 750.00

You might have read me raving about their HD mascara, it wouldn’t hurt to rave twice and mention their other stuff.  With this sort of makeup range, it so easy for a blogger like myself to put up a post.  I don’t need to explain away on each thing fully because the photos speak for themselves.   Read on for the full post and my obliging face with different things on.

We begin with their Classic Brow Leads, colored brow pencils with a waxy texture that also helps to smooth brow hair into place, each come with their own sharpener in the box.



The firmness of the pencils is hard at first especially when new, so you need to get drawing back and forth on your arm or hand or even a piece of paper to warm up the nib.  It’s designed to not shock you with instant pigment so you can take time building a natural but noticeable brow (you’ll see that in a bit).  These pencils together with this mascara form an instant team.  I wish that the shades were written on the pencils, though.  If you switch caps by accident and have these 3 shades in your kit that might be annoying for a professional like myself.


The Browhaus HD mascara which I’ve reviewed before is currently the only non-drugstore mascara I’d repurchase more readily because it separates, it lengthens, it adds volume, it’s waterproof and smudge-proof, plus it holds that hard-earned curl exceptionally well.  The only minor as in minor con for me is that the brush picks up a bit too much excess product but that’s okay, I can live with that because the formula isn’t clumpy.



The whole point though of featuring both these products first is the combined impact of using the Classic Brow Lead pencil together with the HD Mascara for the most minimal makeover.


Even if you’re NOT into makeup, there are two features that I recommend defining to lift your facial appearance, your brows and lashes!

1.  Groom and define your brows with the Classic Brow Lead in a suitable shade.  My ideal shade is Asphalt (the medium shade) but I deepened and combined a bit of Soft Brown here.

2. Diligently curl your lashes and apply a non-clumpy waterproof mascara that will hold the curl.  

Behold the results.  Brows and lashes fixed, that is all.  Apart from those two things, I only have moisturizer and lipgloss on.  Also, to amp up that basic look, Browhaus have some impressively long-wearing liquid eyeliner pens in their range.  I know some people who would rather not be caught dead without eyeliner.  These Precision Eyeliner pens by Browhaus come in Black and Brown.


The only thing that peeves me to pieces is that the brown pen itself also looks black.  When on a makeup job I don’t want to have to pick up and read it to see whether what I’m using is black or brown.


The application is good for a felt tip type of pen (I usually use brush pens).  It’s firm but bends a bit and is just pointed enough.  I like to start with a simple flick first when it comes to liquid eyeliner, nothing too out there just yet, and then gradually work into something more solid line by line and more winged if I choose to go for that sort of look.  These eyeliners have been tested for longevity by the Browhaus team in sweaty yoga classes and other activities.  I’ve been wearing them for a good 8 hours now but I haven’t done any sweaty activities.  No flaking sighted.




There is one set I haven’t reviewed just yet, their Heavy Duty Bi-liners.  These will be saved for mentioning another time.



BROWHAUS Makeup items are available at Browhaus outlets in the Philippines. Visit for store listings. 

  1. Browhaus Classic Brow Lead Php 648.00

  2. Browhaus HD Mascara Php 998.00 

  3. Browhaus Precision Eyeliner Php 750.00

I’ve had good faith in Browhaus makeup from the time I first tried their mascara two years ago, I didn’t review it immediately, but I had a deep hope I’d be invited to one of their launches.  They have long-wearing makeup items that are effective and that you can use daily, the prices are mid-range but they’re the sort of makeup bits you’ll use up ’til you’ve emptied or dried them out.  I’m so glad the Browhaus team had me over this week for the relaunch of their fab makeup range.

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    Those Bi-Liners look interesting, looking forward to your post on that. Love that mascara on you!