Lipgloss is an iffy thing for some people.  They either hate it or love it.  In my case it seriously depends on how it ticks the boxes for me, one…the shade makes my lips look prettier, two…lasts several hours, three…I’m fine if it’s sticky as long as I can managing mouthing “hello” and “help me” in one second.  I’m not a lipgloss fanatic but I’ve come across two in my lifetime that I’ve used up and I love it on non-occasion days.  Early on it was a dual-ended Urban Decay one from the late 90s that I didn’t open and and only began using in early 2000.  The other is this annoyingly limited edition Bobbi Brown lipgloss in#9 Pink Sugar (from a collection) that I received in a press kit nearly three years ago.  It’s a light baby nude pink with golden micro shimmer.


I was overjoyed to find my Bobbi Brown Pink Sugar gloss again in one of my pouches while clearing out.  It was still good to use, I know that sounds gross, but I smelt and checked it, it’s still good to use on myself.  I have it on hand but am quickly running low on it.  It’s just so wearable on its own and over natural lipstick shades and I’m so sad it isn’t part of their permanent collection.  Read on to see why I like it and how it wears.

It doesn’t look disgusting at this point, just lovingly consumed.  I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do this post because it meant I would have to use a bit of what little I had left, but I knew I would be more gutted if I never ever mentioned it after it hit empty.  Other people have blogged ’bout it as well from online history I can tell.  The only permanent shade on the Bobbi Brown site that I see is similar is Rose Sugar…but that’s more of an earthy mauve.


It really sounds like you’ve just opened a lipgloss when you pull the doe-foot applicator out of the tube, a bit gloopy and you hear the pop then little snaps of sticky…but it is just gorgeous when you put it on.

Bobbi Brown Pink Sugar Gloss

There is micro shimmer that by some feat of formulation does not migrate beyond the borders of my mouth.  There’s no taste recall in my memory.  This is how it looks on its own.  What I like about the Bobbi Brown  formula compared to other lipgloss types I’ve tried is it wears away beautifully and once it’s gone my lips feel soft, slightly tacky but perfectly primed for whatever’s next, like they got some hydrating love.


Below is how it looks over my favorite earthy nude lipstick of the moment MAC Velvet Teddy which I’ve reviewed.


And on its own again, yes it was the lone gloss I was wearing in yesterday’s Browhaus feature.





My Tita, cousin, and I tried to find similar colors at Bobbi Brown but none were on stock or they were just not the same.  My cousin Stella (from the prom makeup post last week) picked up a suitable one she could wear at school with no shimmer called Almost Nude, sort of like the non-satin and no shimmer version of Pink Sugar, but still it wasn’t as pink. This Pink Sugar #9 lipgloss by Bobbi Brown was from their 2013 Holiday Collection.  I tracked its collection down online and found a press photo of it on a Musings of a Muse archived post here.  My tube looks full in most of the photos but it isn’t, that’s just what’s left on the walls of the tube with about 5 more uses sitting at the bottom.  Cue telenovela piano theme.

EDIT:  Within an hour from posting this a lovely reader from the U.S. found Bobbi Brown Pink Sugar for me under their basic lipgloss category, my mistake was I looked for it in the “shimmer” category and tried searching for it with no success.  She managed to find it for me, and this is why I love blogging.  Thank you, Michelle, you’re a dear 🙂  So in the U.S. probably because so many people loved this gloss from the 2013 holiday collection #9 Pink Sugar lipgloss is currently permanent, but sadly not available locally.



  • Michelle Thong

    Is there any way for you to ship from the US to you? I just checked on the Bobbi Brown site and it’s in stock right now ( — it’s on the bottom row, second from the left. I just hate to hear how sad you’ll be when it runs out and wanted to see if this was a way for you to get it. If not, is there any way you can get it from a middleman website (aka Sephora, etc) and shipped to you?

  • Oh wow, that’s a beautiful color. I like using lip glosses as lipstick toppers when I’m in the mood for glossy lips.

  • Thank you for pointing out where it was on the Bobbi Brown site Michelle. Silly me, I only looked in one of the lipgloss categories.

  • Michelle Thong

    Haha, not silly you. More like a silly site. I don’t understand the methods used for categories sometimes and then they wonder why it gets hard to find and buy the products we want. Now I’m thinking I might need this color, too. It’s really beautiful! 😀