I’ve wanted to get back onto the fitness bandwagon since last year.  Wanting and prioritizing are two different things.  We moved, then Christmas happened, and my grandfather passed away just after New Year.  In our Quezon City space, to be honest, there’s no space do a decent burpee move without an imminent concussion.  Moving North (note Maginhawa chapter) meant eating whatever you make or are given, then we had Christmas with loved ones, (even more food right), then 4 days of funeral services with more loved ones and food like every 4 hours.   A week later I’m putting on my denim shorts and upon zipping up and trying to sit I’m like “Why do these feel like the seat of a rappel harness?”.  People tell me “Julia, you never gain weight” because they see my arms, my neck, my collarbone, and my waist which are small or at least defined.  Ever since high-school if anything at all does expand it always happens below the waistline, my hips, bum, and legs especially.  In spite of still shuttling between two locations (hopefully less now) I knew it was about that time to hit the mat again no matter what the circumstances were because I never really believed in dieting from a lifetime perspective.  So, how did I restart my fitness journey today?


Let me quickly fill you in on the first two gentle full video workouts I decided were best to ease me in.  They’re great and low impact so I don’t suffer too much the next day and risk less injury, but long enough to rotate those joints and stretch your muscles.  These beginner workouts are free, led by professionals on YouTube and all I need is myself and a mat. I hit FIT before (5 months of constant workouts 3-4x a week, no gym account, no personal trainer, you’ll see that in a bit) and I’m confident I can do it again.  Read on to see which routines I did first to get me back and see my simple first objectives and shape goals.

Before I show you the workout videos I completed I first want to show you what I looked like over 2-3 years ago when I was regularly working out for 4-5 months straight AT HOME by myself using the fitness channels I recommend here.  So currently these throwback photos of me are my shape goals.  You are not allowed to say that “this is still what you look like now”, haha, because I look the same almost on top but there are subtle differences especially in the hips department.  Notice my posture here which is much better, my toned abdominals which are obvious even if not exposed, and more importantly did you notice my waist?  On the right, I had just come from another Plana Forma workout which I was combining with home workouts at the time.  Those star spangled denim shorts are so not loose now LOL.


LEFT: After 2-3 months progress with YouTube home video workouts (combined Blogilates (POP Pilates) and Fitness Blender channel videos) RIGHT: Combining Plana Forma with home workouts.

I’ve always only trusted two fitness channels on YouTube: Blogilates by pro pilates instructor Cassey Ho, and Fitness Blender led by professional trainers husband and wife Daniel and Kelli Segars who by the way, in my opinion, have the most “bad ass” fitness channel TRAILER VIDEO ever here (some serious #HowToBeYou feeling wells up when you watch it LOL).  So FIRST, I did this workout by Cassey, her Slim and Sculpt beginners video which is 15 mins (minus her 2 minute intro and outro).

then to follow up I completed this one by Fitness Blender: Stretching, Pilates, and Yoga Blend video with Kelli which is about 25 mins.

Both channels are good options depending on your preference because one of them’s got a girl gang cheerleader BFF vibe scored by pop music and the other channel is quiet, purely instructional, form focused and step by step if you prefer your workouts sans the girl chat, but I love Cassey’s positive energy, too.  Hers is the first when I get back into fitness because she has the gift of HONEST ENCOURAGEMENT.  I get easily discouraged sometimes by myself so having Cassey’s positive voice on Blogilates revving me up during workouts makes a huge difference in my mindset.  When I want something quieter and simply instructional I opt for Fitness Blender which feels like Adam and Eve in the garden came to visit and guide you step-by-step on how to look your best when nude LOL, don’t let my dorkiness confuse you, their channel’s totally wholesome.  Have you tried working out at home and seeing results like I did before?  If you’re a beginner I suggest you buy a slightly thicker than regular exercise mat.  The rollable yoga mats come in different thicknesses so for beginners it’s best to choose a thicker one for better spine cushioning.

Processed with VSCOcam

Duck Breast with jus from Antonio’s, a rare holiday treat, but meaty so good for anoemic me.

In terms of food intake the only major adjustment I plan on making is taking more water and real (not powdered) juices, and less (not zero) pasta and rice, low carb, not zero carb.  I’m anoemic so extreme dieting is off the list, red meat and other meat is required for me my Doctor said.  Globally, the Mayo clinic’s recommended anoemic self-care page online includes food groups I need and it’s a wide variety for anoemic people.  I just plan to cut out salty junk food (which I don’t really like anyway because it causes bloating when you retain water) and avoid pastries that are full of sugar and cream.  I’m allowing myself chocolate bars or individually wrapped chocolates (like my current fixation, Dark belgian chocolate covered dried mango from Cebu) because it keeps me positive and rewarded after meals and workouts.

  • I love Blogilates but haven’t done it for ages! Great post 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this! I want to be fit as well, but I hate going out (just the thought of commuting to the nearest gym tires me), so at-home workouts are the best for me, I think. Better than just sitting at home, contemplating my increasing weight!

  • Soleil

    I’ve also been working out at home for more than 15yrs now. Before I would use the vhs tapes, then dvds but of course in the past years until now, youtube is my bestfriend. I love the workouts in Popsugar Fitness and those of Jillian Michaels and Tracy Rothe.

  • anne0822

    Checking Fitness Blender now. 🙂
    I’m actually looking for a good youtube channel to subscribe to for at-home workouts, good thing I read this first (see, procrastination pays! Lol).