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In makeup some aren’t as aware that we’re not restricted to use one product for just one purpose.  BAFTA Award winning makeup artist, Morag Ross (Carol, Sense and Sensibility, Elizabeth the Golden Age, Lost in Translation) in a recent sublimely lengthy interview with Guardian Beauty Editor Sali Hughes on YouTube, divulged that on herself for natural enhancement she wields a MAC Lingering eyebrow pencil to define the outer part of her lips.  The Pixiwoo sisters, Sam and Nic, in the past have used MAC Stone lipliner which is a tawny ashy hue, a pop fave for overdrawing nude lips in subtle fashion.  The FS Kohl Eye Pencil below in Caramel (Available at SM) is actually also the brand’s brow pencil…it’s a unique midway texture that’s just soft enough to function as an eyeliner but not in any way too soft or smudgy to do brows.

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I have done this in the past, using brow products to define lips instinctively (not realizing that pros like Morag actually did it ) in an instance where I left lipliner behind and decided to go for a nude lip.  Today I’ve decided to show that the result it isn’t strange at all, as you might think…I even threw in a cream eyeshadow, my favorite Bobbi Brown matte one (Sand Dune), to use as a lipstick.  Read on to see the result.

It’s actually pretty good, pretty good, indeed.  I only took the eyebrow pencil lightly around the corners and bottom of my mouth and slightly near the cupid’s bow…ok, whatever, fine…all around but strategically shading, LOL.  I used the Bobbi Brown Longwear Cream Shadow stick in Sand Dune to fill in the lip…what’s funny is it didn’t feel strange at all and since it’s a setting cream eyeshadow it actually wears quite well as long as you exfoliated your lips properly and didn’t put on lip balm.  I remember a principle one makeup artist mentioned, if it was formulated for eyes then sensitivity wise it’s safe enough for the rest of the face.

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That’s one alternative method for achieving a modern, nude lip, nothing too AMAZING but hey, it works.

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