About Julia

Hello, I’m Julia.  I’m 31, I’m an artist and a writer.  I do professional makeup for shoots, events, and weddings.  I passionately blog about beauty in my spare time and am a snap-happy person.  I also cook, love Jesus, prefer pickles with my burgers, and half the time I think my cat knows something I don’t.  Email me at probinsiyana@gmail.com if you’d like to work or collaborate with me.


I enjoy testing and writing about beauty related products, most especially make-up and skincare.  To some extent my writing about beauty and doing makeup for actual shoots, TVCs, weddings or events go hand in hand adding a unique balance to my life.  I became cosmetic conscious when I worked for Living Asia Channel a few years ago, before that I only cared about mascara and lip balm.  I had to learn to put my own makeup on-the-go as a writer/host, there were no make-up artists around.  This blog began as a thank you post to an Australian lip balm company that were very warm, helpful, and friendly when something I purchased from them online got lost for awhile.  They assisted me with my very first purchase of Lanolips lip ointment that had been sent to a wrong address because of a typo on my end.  Around that time I also started watching some make-up tutorials by some currently famous make-up gurus and professionals on YouTube.

I’d like to send a shout out to my Mama, who carved this passion first in my little heart over 2 decades ago.  She would spread all her make-up in possession alongside the bathroom sink and label certain special Saturdays a Make-Up Holiday 🙂 “Bless my bag” is a personal declaration that whatever I need and even want may come to me as a blessing.

xoxo Julia 🙂

  • maricel pangilinan arenas

    love you, Jul <3

  • Hanna

    I can’t believe you’re just 31! I thought you were in your 40s already! I’m sorry

  • 40’s? ??? That is one nasty comment. She looks younger than her age!

  • LOL You’re way kind-er. Thanks.

  • Not at all! It’s true. You look so young, pretty and fresh. I detest bad intentioned and tacky comments.